Switching Gears

When life has been a party for so long, it is really hard for some people, like me, to realize when the time has come to hang up your hat, kick off your spurs, relax and let it all go. Especially when you have a big ego, like me, and can't believe that the party CAN actually go on without you.

What must life be thinking? Not letting me control things anymore. Or wait...only the thing I am supposed to control, which is my self. Me, by myself, bicycle. No one is to blame for our stations in life. So, if you are like me, it's a bite of sage wisdom from an old broad who knows. Kenny Rogers said, ok, I lied, it's not mine. "You've got to know when to hold em', know when to fold em', know when to walk away and know when to run." It's time for me to fly.

The Saga of What About Bryan Continues

I watched my show last night, What About Bryan, and at the end I realized why I like it so much. The people follow their hearts, even if doing so is foolish. I'm like that, I always have been, can't help it, I have to go with my gut.  Marjorie has decided after leaving Adam at the altar that even though he is now married to Heather, she wants him back. And he wants her too. Now what the heck is supposed to happen to Heather? Well, it looks like she is going to become self destructive. She went straight back to the strip club where she worked and started drinking. Meanwhile, Adam and Marjorie are standing on a beach, kissing.  I absolutely love this show! I haven't enjoyed TV this much in decades. I can't wait to see what happens next week when Bridget moves in with Bryan. Eek!

Brittney Is Really Catching It

It seems that Brittney Spears is catching it from all corners. First I saw where she was asked if she was pregnant again, then I read on the Superficial site that she was flat out turned down when she tried to get a gig on the Super Bowl half time show. Then they said the dress she had on looked like a shower curtain. And across the television, in several interviews, one with Madonna, one with Sharon Stone, they were talking about Brittney not wearing any underwear and how tacky that was. I saw another article discussing whether her career was over.I for one hope she makes a come back. She's just really getting a taste of how nasty these jackals can be. I want to see her overcome.

Scandal Behind the Scenes of Grey's Anatomy

Did you hear about Isaiah Washington calling T. R. Knight a faggot, which in essence caused T.R. to come out of the closet? Well, that happened months ago. T.R. says he overheard Isaiah use the derogatory term when referring to him, not knowing that T.R. was listening. Patrick Dempsey was so pissed, he and Isaiah actually got into a scuffle.Now, the loud mouth Washington has to go and make a public announcement at the Golden Globe after hours party that he didn't call T.R. a faggot, which opened the can of worms right back up. Now the worms seem to have turned into snakes, because Ellen has gotten involved. She had T.R. on her show yesterday and he says Washington DID call him that nasty name.Sometimes it really is better to let sleeping dogs lie, Isaiah.

What is WRONG with Paula Abdul?

Man, last season I thought she was acting weird, but now I am beginning to wonder if her weirdness is all really JUST an act! But it's not like American Idol needs publicity, is it? Yesterday she was interviewed on Good Morning America and she fell asleep, (or pretended to) during the interview. She didn't look like she was sleeping to me, she looked like she was playing possum.  I don't know what's up with Simon Cowell and American Idol, but if he doesn't watch out, he might just play this weird hand and everybody acting cruel to the point where there is no longer any American Idol. The public might be gullible, but we ain't stupid.

Content is King

I really put the cart before the horse when I made my first post on this blog about social bookmarking sites, but honestly? I am pretty new to the techie side of things and I didn't want to post that plugin on my other blogs because I did that once and screwed everything up. Anyway, social bookmarking should have been farther down on our list of things to talk about when it comes to beginner bloggers and Internet marketing, traffic generation and blog monetization.

So let's just pretend we are starting right now and that this is the beginning of the journey. I'll return to the subject of social bookmarking later when it comes time. I want to talk first about the most important thing to consider when you decide you want to have a successful blog and that is content. Everywhere I go on the internet I hear the phrase "Content is King." It makes good sense, because if you have nothing worthwhile to offer your readers, they ain't coming back, let's face it. I honestly believe that to have a truly successful blog, you have to put your heart into it. If you don't it's easy to detect. If you are simply creating a blog to make money, most people are savvy enough to tell.

When I first started researching blogging, the most impressive article I found, imo, about the importance of content and how it worked to make his blog a huge hit and therefore the money followed, is on Steve Pavlina's blog. Steve is the creator of Personal Development for Smart People, and he's one of the smartest guys I've run across online. Do not miss reading his article on content. It will really help you understand what you are getting into when you decide to dedicate yourself to making your blog a success.  His site is an all around great resource in general.

Girl, Don't You Need This!

Seems Britney Spears has checked herself into a "spa" for a little R & R. Since splitting with that dirty bag K-Fed, Britney has been seen all over town in clubs and restaurants with her famous friends. But it all finally took it's toll. Britney is reported to have "fallen asleep" in a club on New Year's Eve at a party she was hosting! (I can't say jack, I've done that.)  US Magazine Life & Style section claims she checked into Sanctuary, an exclusive spa in Arizona, and hints that there is more behind her going there than simply wanting to pamper herself. "With these celebrities, 'exhaustion' sometimes means something else and a little rest at a spa sometimes actually translates into something a little more serious," a source told the magazine. Last year (not so long ago, huh?) Britney stated on her website that she "probably" took her "new found freedom" post K-Fed split "a little too far."