Content is King

I really put the cart before the horse when I made my first post on this blog about social bookmarking sites, but honestly? I am pretty new to the techie side of things and I didn't want to post that plugin on my other blogs because I did that once and screwed everything up. Anyway, social bookmarking should have been farther down on our list of things to talk about when it comes to beginner bloggers and Internet marketing, traffic generation and blog monetization.

So let's just pretend we are starting right now and that this is the beginning of the journey. I'll return to the subject of social bookmarking later when it comes time. I want to talk first about the most important thing to consider when you decide you want to have a successful blog and that is content. Everywhere I go on the internet I hear the phrase "Content is King." It makes good sense, because if you have nothing worthwhile to offer your readers, they ain't coming back, let's face it. I honestly believe that to have a truly successful blog, you have to put your heart into it. If you don't it's easy to detect. If you are simply creating a blog to make money, most people are savvy enough to tell.

When I first started researching blogging, the most impressive article I found, imo, about the importance of content and how it worked to make his blog a huge hit and therefore the money followed, is on Steve Pavlina's blog. Steve is the creator of Personal Development for Smart People, and he's one of the smartest guys I've run across online. Do not miss reading his article on content. It will really help you understand what you are getting into when you decide to dedicate yourself to making your blog a success.  His site is an all around great resource in general.