Scandal Behind the Scenes of Grey's Anatomy

Did you hear about Isaiah Washington calling T. R. Knight a faggot, which in essence caused T.R. to come out of the closet? Well, that happened months ago. T.R. says he overheard Isaiah use the derogatory term when referring to him, not knowing that T.R. was listening. Patrick Dempsey was so pissed, he and Isaiah actually got into a scuffle.Now, the loud mouth Washington has to go and make a public announcement at the Golden Globe after hours party that he didn't call T.R. a faggot, which opened the can of worms right back up. Now the worms seem to have turned into snakes, because Ellen has gotten involved. She had T.R. on her show yesterday and he says Washington DID call him that nasty name.Sometimes it really is better to let sleeping dogs lie, Isaiah.