The Saga of What About Bryan Continues

I watched my show last night, What About Bryan, and at the end I realized why I like it so much. The people follow their hearts, even if doing so is foolish. I'm like that, I always have been, can't help it, I have to go with my gut.  Marjorie has decided after leaving Adam at the altar that even though he is now married to Heather, she wants him back. And he wants her too. Now what the heck is supposed to happen to Heather? Well, it looks like she is going to become self destructive. She went straight back to the strip club where she worked and started drinking. Meanwhile, Adam and Marjorie are standing on a beach, kissing.  I absolutely love this show! I haven't enjoyed TV this much in decades. I can't wait to see what happens next week when Bridget moves in with Bryan. Eek!