Weekend Television

Sucks! I have become more of a television watcher than I have since I was a youngster. I guess that's part of getting older. You just can't run the streets, you know? :) I read alot, but sometimes, after blogging all day, my eyes are just too tired to read, and my mind wants to shut off, just watch some mindless TV. During the week I never miss King of Queens. It's probably my favorite show, even though I have seen pretty much every episode at least twice, more like 4 or 5 times. I am trying to save money too, so I don't want to go shopping or out to eat much. So having only Antique Road Show on PBS to look forward to, or a cheesy Lifetime movie, makes me wish there were more quality programs on the weekend. Oh, well, I guess if that's my biggest problem I'm doing pretty good, huh?