My New Personal Assistant

Ya'll are going to love this one! I have downloaded the free trial version of Zabaware's "Ultra Hal Assistant 6.1" and you can too. I get to try Hal out for 30 days on my Windows PC for free.  Hal is an artificial intelligence (AI) program. Hal can hold an intelligent conversation with me, (Lord knows I need someone to talk to that can carry one of those on!) Hal learns from every sentence I say. Over time, Hal will develop a personality similar to mine, (help us all!) Hal can also remember and remind me of appointments, dial phone numbers for me, run programs on my computer, and more. Hal has 3D animated characters and full speech synthesis so he speaks to me. Is that the coolest thing ever, or what?

The Clouds Have Rolled Away

What a hell of a week this has been! I was blue on Monday, my birthday, and gripping because I never win anything, then Tuesday I won $1000 in PPP's contest! My best friend is also coming to see me this evening and spending the night. We are going out on the town. And no, I am not paying! I won't get the $1000 for a month, that's the way PPP's system works, which is fine with me, it's all going on bills anyway. But what is so great is that having this money coming has taken the stress away from my days. I have been practically living on fumes since my husband and I separated, but now I can relax and just enjoy my regular work day instead of worrying. I have to thank Ted Murphy one more time because I feel as if the clouds have rolled away and I am smiling big time today.

Last Night's American Idol

I enjoyed last night's American Idol so very much. Nobody went home, but they raised over $30 million to fight poverty. Portions of the show were very hard to swallow, what with their trip to Africa and all those poor, AIDS positive, starving, and often orphaned children. The wildest and most fun part of the night was the hologram of Elvis singing on stage with Celine Dion. My God! It looked like he was really standing there. I am getting chill bumps on my arms right now just writing about it.  A wonderful show and I am proud to say I donated. We have got to help each other. To find out more and get involved in this global project, go to (cause Brad Pitt said so!)

Monday Morning Blues

It may not be that it is Monday as much as the fact that my birthday is today. Damn! How in the world did I get to be 52 years old? I was talking to a writer friend the other day and I liked her take on it. She said that I must have been having so much fun all these years I wasn't paying attention.  We'll go with that, but it's still not making me feel less blue. I hate getting old. And I don't care what they say about 60 being the new 40, it's bullshit. How many young people do you hear saying it? That's what I thought.

Blue Angels Pilot Killed in Crash

I was so sad to learn that The Blue Angels, those world famous aviators who I had the pleasure of seeing once, finally crashed. I remember thinking when I saw them how amazing it was that this had never happened before.

But this beginning to the article about it at CNN news really broke my heart. "The family of the pilot killed Saturday watched as his F/A-18 Hornet crashed in a neighborhood during a U.S. Navy Blue Angels precision-flying team air show." God bless and keep them.

Britney's Dad Is Mad at Her

In a story from The New York Post Britney's father, Jamie Spears, has denounced his daughter's behavior in firing her manager and says that if she loses her kids and ruins her career she has no one but herself to blame. But a close friend of Britney's defended the pop star, saying that Britney's manager made her go into the Promises rehab even though there were no drugs in her system, and that Britney shaved her head in solidarity with her aunt, who had just died of cancer.  It's nice to have friends, but they really should not consider it friendship to be in denial when you have problems, and Britney Spears has plenty. I am still pissed off about her sarcastic little rant to the American public last week. Who does she thinks bought all her CDs?

My Early Birthday Celebration

I went out last night and had the best time I can remember having in a very long time. I met some really cool people, a trio of girls, one who played the guitar and sang a song she wrote called "Dive Bar Girls." She is poet, and we talked a lot about poetry. She's going to call me so that I can help her learn how to get some of her stuff published. And I met a guy. A cute one. He talked to me all evening and took my number. Now we'll see if he calls. If that's the only party I have for my birthday I will still be happy.

One Last Post About the Virginia Tech Massacre

You may wonder why I keep talking about this on my blogs. It's because this tragedy has really got me shook up. The biggest mass shooting in our nation's history needs all the air time it can get. Why? Because people need to realize that our world is in big big trouble. And I blame guns on a lot of that. Everyday you hear about another incident involving a gun. I wish they'd throw them all in the river.

Anyway, they have discovered two very disturbing screenplays that were written by the gunman. And they also said that he was on medication for depression. But hey! He had no problem buying those guns.

Update on the Virginia Tech Massacre

This feels so very unreal and scary. To think that a young college student carefully preplanned the massacre of 32 of his classmates. What is really horrible is that he killed two people in his dorm TWO HOURS before he went into the classroom and opened fire.

There is a news conference coming on right now that I am going to watch. I pray for the families of the victims, for those that were injured, and for the students of Virginia Tech. God I Hate Guns!

Largest Mass Shooting in US History

I am so sad right now. I posted about this on my other blog, News, Views, and Reviews, when the news broke an hour ago, but I know that more readers come here since the other blog is so much newer.

33 people are dead, including the gunman, who turned the gun on himself, and 15 wounded in the largest mass shooting in US history. There aren't many details, except that the gunman was a young Asian man. What a sad, sad day for our country.

Breaking News! 33 Killed in Massacre at Virginia Tech

I am watching CBS breaking news, trying to get a bead on what is going on at Virginia Tech University where 33 people were murdered and 15 injured. So far all I know is that the gunman, after a killing spree, turned the gun on himself and is now dead.

The Chief of Police is being interviewed by reporters in a news conference as I write. All he can say at this time is that witnesses are being interviewed to find out what happened. Seems so far all they know is that the doors to a classroom were chained shut by the gunman before he began his slaughter. Dear God, this is horrible! Turn on your radio or TV and find out the details as they come in.


I am so glad that Friday is here. I am more than ready for the weekend AND I have a date tonight! His name is Harry, the same as my daddy's. I have talked to Harry on the phone a couple of times--I met him on an online dating site--and he is the nicest guy I have talked to yet in all the months I have been a member of dating sites.

We are meeting at a cafe a few blocks down the street from me, so don't worry, he's not coming to my house, I'm being smart that way. I am excited and nervous, but I have a good feeling about this. I'll let you know how it goes.

Last Night's American Idol

The only outstanding performances last night, when Jennifer Lopez was the coaching star to the contestants, was Blake, in my opinion. Blake has his very own unique style and this may be what allows him to be one of the last ones standing. Even my favorite, Jordin Sparks, was just ok last night. Melinda Doolittle needs to be on Broadway, she just isn't American Idol material, and Haley, though definitely American Idol material, spends too much time flaunting her beautiful body and not enough time singing well. Believe it or not, Sanjaya looked like a half way normal person and did a very good job with his performance, the best yet actually. Chris Richardson, Lakisha Jones, and Phil Stacy were ok, but ok won't cut it. My pick for who is going home tonight is Haley, (I hope).

My Views on "Nice" People

They are the ones you really have to watch out for. If someone is always 'nice,' in other words, they never raise their voice, get upset, stop smiling, rock the boat, they are either not really human or they are carrying around an immense amount of anger and could blow at anytime.

You know when someone goes off and starts shooting a bunch of people, don't you always here from their family, friends and neighbors what a "nice" person they were?

Imus Suspended for Two Weeks

Don Imus, the radio host who got himself in so much hotter water for calling the Rutgers female basketball players "nappy-headed hos," called his two weeks suspension an appropriate punishment on Tuesday but stressed, "I am not a racist."

Imus has the whole black community up in arms, with the likes of Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson contacting him about his remark. You can read the full story from The New York Post here.

I bet when he comes back, Imus will have more listeners than ever before. Don't we just LOVE controversy? It adds some spice to what would otherwise be a dull existence. And don't we need spice, even if it is at someone else's expense? (insert dripping sarcasm)

No TV for eBay

After a solid month of market testing, with mammoth companies like Home Depot sitting in the wings cheering eBay on, the Cable Broadcasting Bureau has chosen not to invite eBay to play. Word on the street has it that eBay's system was described as "flawed" and not ready for prime time.

The announcement of the impending collapse of what eBay had placed their hopes on as their TV debut came only days after Google and EchoStar announced a deal in which Google will bring an automated system for buying, selling and measuring effectiveness of TV time on 125 channels on Dish Network.  Google wins again.

I Cannot BELIEVE America Sent Gina Home!

What is up with you, America!?? Sanjaya is still there, the non-singing, mohawk wearing, girly boy is still on American Idol, and the goth rocking, soul voiced, Gina is gone. This is just like last year when Chris Daughtery was kicked off by America because he was, well, just too cool. Same thing with Gina.

I feel like many Americans think it's 20 years ago, that's how out of touch they are. But if they think that Ashley is little Miss Sweet and Innocent, oh puleeze! Just because she looks like the all American girl doesn't mean shit. Did you see her in that shimmering blouse a few weeks ago when she had no bra on? Did you see the moves she had? Just because she looks like apple pie doesn't mean she's not a hot tamale. America, you are so gullible it's not even funny.

Tsunami Kills 13

I am sure you have already heard about the tsunami that hit the Solomon Islands this weekend. But if you've had your head stuck in the sand, or have been a hermit and haven't turned on the TV, check out this full news story at CNN. I didn't know where the Solomon Islands were. If you don't either, here is the information about their location and other vital facts.

"The Solomon Islands is an archipelago of more than 200 islands northeast of Australia. The AP estimates its population at about 552,000 people. The chain lies on the Pacific Basin's so-called "Ring of Fire," an arc of volcanoes and fault lines where quakes frequently happen. The Solomon Islands are popular with international tourists. Most homes in the mountainous islands are constructed of timber and bamboo, with villagers relying on fishing and logging for employment."

I am sad for the lost lives and the people who are still unaccounted for. But one thing I wonder: why did we never hear of tsunami's until the last few years?