I Cannot BELIEVE America Sent Gina Home!

What is up with you, America!?? Sanjaya is still there, the non-singing, mohawk wearing, girly boy is still on American Idol, and the goth rocking, soul voiced, Gina is gone. This is just like last year when Chris Daughtery was kicked off by America because he was, well, just too cool. Same thing with Gina.

I feel like many Americans think it's 20 years ago, that's how out of touch they are. But if they think that Ashley is little Miss Sweet and Innocent, oh puleeze! Just because she looks like the all American girl doesn't mean shit. Did you see her in that shimmering blouse a few weeks ago when she had no bra on? Did you see the moves she had? Just because she looks like apple pie doesn't mean she's not a hot tamale. America, you are so gullible it's not even funny.