The Clouds Have Rolled Away

What a hell of a week this has been! I was blue on Monday, my birthday, and gripping because I never win anything, then Tuesday I won $1000 in PPP's contest! My best friend is also coming to see me this evening and spending the night. We are going out on the town. And no, I am not paying! I won't get the $1000 for a month, that's the way PPP's system works, which is fine with me, it's all going on bills anyway. But what is so great is that having this money coming has taken the stress away from my days. I have been practically living on fumes since my husband and I separated, but now I can relax and just enjoy my regular work day instead of worrying. I have to thank Ted Murphy one more time because I feel as if the clouds have rolled away and I am smiling big time today.