Boom! Boom! Out Go the Lights

Last night we had terrible storms in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. Rain fell out of the sky in sheets, the wind was up to 90 mph in some areas. It was around 7:30, I had the TV on waiting for American Idol, a weather bulletin on, my poor little scared dog at me feet as I read a book. Then the electricity went out.

I was calm. It wasn't dark yet, that was one good thing. And my battery backup kept the TV on for probably another 15 minutes or so. I had candles and lit them. I was kind of worried that the electricity could actually stay off for a good long time, maybe even overnight. But you know what? I wasn't scared. What was there to be scared of?

However, one thing that crossed my mind was that if my ex had still been living with me, all I would have heard was a bunch of cursing because he couldn't get online. It gave me one more reason not to miss him.  Thank you Mother Nature.