Will Smoking Finally Become Illegal?

I smoke cigarettes. I like cigarettes. I don't smoke a lot, probably 6 cigarettes a day. And it is my business, my body, my health. I understand the concerns about second hand smoke, but I picture some asshole that is puffing away, blowing smoke in your face, not a lady like me who never smokes in public, not even in the car. I smoke at my desk. Ok, I lied. If I go to a bar and drink, I smoke. That's the only time I smoke somewhere other than at home.

And speaking of homes, in a press release from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, nearly three out of four U.S. households do not allow smoking anywhere and any time in the home, according to a study in this week’s issue of CDC’s Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report. I respect that. But with the news last week that the government is considering controlling the nicotine in cigarettes, I am beginning to picture myself trying to buy a pack of Virginia Slims in a back alley from a, perish the thought, "cigarette dealer."