Texas Flood

Isn't that a Stevie Ray Vaughn song? Hey, here is a report from CNN News about the flooding I have been talking about in Texas, complete with pictures. I am telling you, I have never seen anything like it. I have been lucky, I live upstairs in an old, very sturdy apartment house. Though there has been so much rain that it has weighed down the trees so much that the landlord had a crew out here cutting down and trimming trees for the last few days. They would work a while, then stop while it rained some more.

German's Bar Tom Cruise Film

From CNN.Com's entertainment section. The country of Germany has barred the makers of a movie about a plot to kill Adolf Hitler from filming at German military sites because its star Tom Cruise is a Scientologist. Word of this came from the Defense Ministry on Monday. The German government does not recognize The Church of Scientology as a church. Berlin believes they masquerade as a religion to make money.The decision to bar the film production drew a sharp response from Cruise's film producing partner, Paula Wagner, chief executive of United Artists Entertainment, who said Cruise's "personal beliefs have absolutely no bearing on the movie's plot, themes or content." Personally I think they can do whatever they want. It's their country, after all, and they never claimed to be a democracy.

Oprah's Town Hall Meetings

If you were lucky enough to have tuned in to two days of town hall meetings on Oprah this past Thursday and Friday then you know how refreshing and thought provoking they were. If not, let me give you a quick overview. The town hall meetings were prompted by the firing of radio talk show host Don Imus after the derogatory statement he made about the Rutger's women's basketball team, calling them 'nappy headed ho's', and consisted of a panel of well respected, black columnist, psychologist, ministers, rappers, women's rights activist, and record producers.

The subject of how hip hop music has negatively affected our country and reflects poorly on the black community was taken up with gusto by all. And though a long time coming, the honesty and open communication, often tinged with anger, shown by this panel tells me that there will finally start being some accountability put into place and some boundaries on the messages that are being sent through music about women. It is about damn time.

Cloning WILL Be A Reality

In this story from Google News scientists proudly announce that they have succeeded in cloning cells from Reyes monkeys. They say this will help them study and find cures for diseases, but all I can see is human nature tampering with what it is not supposed to. But hey, having a clone would be great, huh? I could get twice as much work done in half the time. Or I could send my clone out to find me a new husband while I am working. Sweet! :)

Mood Elevator

I have been having a rough time for the last several months since my husband and I separated keeping my chin up. I have found a helpful remedy for elevating my mood that is not chemical and I wanted to tell you about it. It is the simple practice of meditation. And please don't think that meditation means you have to light candles and chant. Meditation can be as simple as sitting in a quiet, beautiful, soothing spot and finding that same spot inside yourself for half an hour. It works wonders to help put life into perspective.

This is Totally Friggin Awesome!

I walked out to check the mail just now and there was a big box from PayPerPost. I thought, what the heck? I opened it up and was delighted to find the following gifts:

1. The new double CD by The Police--I did a post about this new release a few weeks ago and remember reading in the opp that the advertiser would pick out their favorite post and send them the CDs. I guess they liked mine!! Thanks!

2. A cool t-shirt from PPP that says on the front "I Used to Be a Stripper" and has the PPP logo on the back. I am wearing it out this afternoon

3. A round container of tic tacs with the PPP logo on the container

4. A container of green silly putty. It's on now!

5. The infamous foam PPP hand

What a wonderful treat this was to get! Made my day. Thanks PPP and thanks again to the advertiser for The Police's new CD. I am drinking a beer and listening to it right now. Roxanne just came on...I gotta go!!

Greenland is Melting

I wonder if all the rain we have had in Texas over the last few weeks is connected to this story. I am pretty sure it is. Below are some interesting facts about Greenland melting.

• If the Greenland ice cap melted entirely, oceans would rise by 23 feet
• Its melt zone has expanded by 30 percent -- faster than models had predicted
• Warmer weather boosting tourism, a source of development for Inuit inhabitants

Here's Wishing You a Great Hump Day

There aren't many words needed, huh? That picture pretty well says what I wanted to say. But I will say it anyway. My heart is glad today, not for any particular reason, just for the gift of life and good health. I wish you the same. I hope you are all having a great Wednesday.

Democrats Talk Religion

It was inevitable that this would happen. Like reading tea leaves, you could have sensed it coming. We have been so vigilant in making sure that we didn't mix religion and politics, and in all these years politicians have made a point of avoiding religious topics. But not this year. The Democratic hopefuls barred their souls and if you tell me that's not a political move, I'll kiss your butt. There are too many Christians on the rolls and religion IS finding its way into politics.Is this a good thing? I'm not sure. Maybe it is. We haven't done so well leaving God OUT of the equation, now have we?