This is Totally Friggin Awesome!

I walked out to check the mail just now and there was a big box from PayPerPost. I thought, what the heck? I opened it up and was delighted to find the following gifts:

1. The new double CD by The Police--I did a post about this new release a few weeks ago and remember reading in the opp that the advertiser would pick out their favorite post and send them the CDs. I guess they liked mine!! Thanks!

2. A cool t-shirt from PPP that says on the front "I Used to Be a Stripper" and has the PPP logo on the back. I am wearing it out this afternoon

3. A round container of tic tacs with the PPP logo on the container

4. A container of green silly putty. It's on now!

5. The infamous foam PPP hand

What a wonderful treat this was to get! Made my day. Thanks PPP and thanks again to the advertiser for The Police's new CD. I am drinking a beer and listening to it right now. Roxanne just came on...I gotta go!!