The Power of Positive Thinking

As far back as I can remember I have been a big believer in the power of mind over matter. I think what got me interested in this, besides just a natural intellectually curious nature, was reading Dale Carnegie's "How to Win Friends and Influence People" when I was a teenager. My daddy had the book and I borrowed it. He, my daddy, was always interested in self improvement and I guess I inherited that trait.

I like what Dr. Phil says, that there is no reality, only perception. We see what we WANT to see. This to me goes hand in hand with the whole power of positive thinking thing and the law of attraction. If you choose to see the world as bleak and hostile then that is what you will attract to you. I am living proof.

What about you? Do you subscribe to this viewpoint or do you think its all a bunch of psychobabble?

Tips on Creating an Online Presence

If you have a website, whether it be a blog or a full blown online business, you want to be known. There is no sense in having a web presence if nobody is visiting your site, and if you have an online business no visits means no sales, of course. I have compiled a list of tips to help you create a big online presence. Using this advice will guarantee that your online presence will be drastically increased over time:

  1. MAKE AN EMAIL LIST--Build a user database of customers, friends, potential customers, other bloggers, or people who are interested in the service or product you are talking about or selling. Mass e-mails can notify your readers of new articles you have posted or new products on your site.

  2. Buy Links--This will get your pages indexed in search engines. From the search engines you can pursued people into subscribing to your rss feed, and plus get a e-mail list built up.

  3. Write Good Content--This goes without saying. You have got to say something interesting or offer something that someone else doesn't. You must be passionate about the content on your website or blog to get people to pay attention. This takes time, but do not give up. Just keep writing good content.

  4. Forums--Join forums of similar interest and network. Most forums let you put a link back to your site in your signature. Become a regular member, choose just a few forums and actually participate, don't spam and run. That's a no no.

  5. Read Successful People--Follow the leader and pay attention to those websites or blogs that are highly successful. Let them lead you by example. Having an online mentor is one of the most important steps to learning to build an online presence, in my opinion. It gives you ideas and a starting point, at least. And nothing drive enthusiasm like success.

  6. Network--Make friends on social networks sites. There are a ton of them out there. I am not going to list them all. Google is your friend.

  7. Blog Post Titles--Use titles that are catchy and search engine friendly. Study up on the use of keywords to help you with this.

  8. Learn SEO--Study search engine marketing and learn all of the ins and outs. Every person with an online presence should understand at least the basics of search engine optimization.

  9. Trade Links--When you make friends online by doing all of the above then it is common practice and accepted online etiquette to ask to trade links with sites that have good page rank or popularity. Often when you comment on popular blogs you will end up with a trackback or even better, a blog post about your site. It happens to me often.

  10. Don't Make Money Your Main Object--Although that sounds counterproductive, when you are first starting out if you will put making money at the back of your mind and just do the things I have suggested above, the money WILL come. Be patient and persistent. Give it everything you have and donĂ¢€™t monetize your website when you have a new blog up. When you put ads up too soon you are sabotaging yourself.

Barbara Walters & Ellen Talk about Rosie O'Donnell

I am watching the Ellen show while I blog today and she has Barbara Walters on there right now. They are talking about their individual opinions of Rosie O'Donnell. Ellen says that though she is not like Rosie herself, she admires the fact that Rosie has strong opinions and isn't afraid to state them passionately. Barbara has always been a big fan of Rosie's and taken up for her through thick and thin and she didn't let Rosie down today either. I guess. I can't stand Rosie O'Donnell. You don't have to be loud, rude and crass to get your point across.

Owen Wilson Attempts Suicide

I was at Burger King getting some lunch. I picked up the Dallas Morning News and was shocked and disturbed to read on the front page that Owen Wilson attempted suicide over the weekend. Made me instantly think of the song, TEARS OF A CLOWN, because Owen was always zany, which is often a cover for sad and depressed people.

Here is the story from Fox News, who report that Owen took an overdose of pills AND slashed his wrist, same thing my son did the first time he attempted suicide. The second time he was successful with a gun. (off topic, but not really) Anyway, they say that Owen had been depressed for months and that a phone call with a close friend was what set him off. They also report that his relationship with Kate Hudson ended over the Memorial Day Weekend and that she was seen with another guy this past weekend. Sounds logical to me. A broken heart sure can do damage to an already depressed psyche. Owen is a native Dallasite who word has it is doing well and has asked for privacy while he heals. I'm glad his suicide attempt was not successful and I wish him a much brighter tomorrow. Hang in there, Owen. You just never know what's around the corner, Bud.

Single Life After 50

I have figured out something about myself that I think other women out there my age can relate to. We have been programmed to believe that women of a certain age should behave like matrons if they are single, or preferably, they should find a nice husband and get ready for that long winter's nap before death.

Well I say bullshit! Since my husband and I separated 9 months ago I have been spending my time trying to find a replacement for him. But I realize that this is absolutely not what I want. I want to be free. I have a nice apartment, I make decent money, I am healthy and attractive. Why, like so many men do, can't I just be myself and follow that restless spirit that has been my true nature all my life? I feel so free today. I can choose to do whatever I want, stay home, go out,'s my life!

Senator Larry Craig Lewd AND a Hypocrite

This you gotta love, or hate, as the case may be. Republican Senator Larry Craig pleaded guilty after being arrested in June in the Minneapolis airport restroom for lewd conduct. The story has it that an undercover cop was in the stall next to him and Craig gave a signal that is taken by gay men as an invitation for sex.  But this is what takes the cake. In 1996, Craig voted in favor of the Defense of Marriage Act, which denies federal recognition to same-sex marriages and prevents states from being forced to recognize the marriages of gay and lesbian couples legally performed in other states. Unbelievable.

Gotta Brag on My Son

My son Justin called me yesterday and was SO pumped up, and with good reason. He sells roofing and right now he is working in Minnesota, where all that storm damage and flooding is. His company had a contest on Saturday and who ever sold the most jobs would win $1000. I don't think he won the contest, he said one of his friends signed up 9 people, but he DID sign up 7 customers, which means he made about $15,000 in commission in one day! You go, Justin!! You rock, my son.

Dave Barry's Blog

I used to live for reading Dave Barry's column in the Dallas Morning News every Sunday. Do you love Dave Barry as much as I do? Well, guess what? He has a blog! You may already know this, but I just discovered it. There is nothing but pure entertainment here, folks, as you would expect from the Davester.  I am adding this blog to my favorites post haste! Dave Barry may possibly be the funniest man on the planet and I am thrilled to find his blog.

A Great Take on The 2008 Presidential Race

I found this great article by Richard Baehr at the American Thinker giving his predictions about how the race for the presidency in 2008 is shaping up.  I am not that politically savvy, but Baehr's predictions really helped me get a clear picture of what is going on and how things are looking on the political front when it comes to the 2008 elections, (which I can't wait for!) Check it out for yourself. Great stuff at the American Thinker too.

Fixing Yourself

I told my son the other day that I was "working on myself" and he said something that really made me start thinking. He said, "Mom, you have been "working on yourself" all my life, you are fine the way you are." I wonder why, after thinking this over, why I constantly feel the compulsion to change. Is this a good thing or a waste of precious time? What about you? I thought I was into self improvement, but I am wondering now if I just can't go ahead and accept myself the way I am, warts and all.

More About Love

Well, I am still seeing the hottie I met on August 7th but we have decided to cool it down a bit. I tried to tell him we were moving too fast from the beginning, but he was bound and determined that he wanted to see me everyday. Crap, that was heady stuff! But you know what? I figured out that I really do enjoy my solitude and need time to myself. So we are starting all over after having three arguments in one month. We are going to be friends and lovers but slow it down and see where it goes from there. Much better and I feel relieved. I just hope we last a long time because I really do like him, maybe even could love him. But only time will tell.  Do you have a love story you'd like to share? Come on with it!

Back in Love

For those of you who have been keeping up with my post over the last month on the subject of love, here is an update. The guy I met, the one I was so instantly crazy about, is back. Seems he is crazy about me too. And since we are both pretty crazy it is working out quite well. :)

Ain't love grand? And what Don Henley said about everything changing in a New York minute is so very, very true. Never lose faith, because you have no idea what is just around the corner, in love AND in life.

Learning When to Shut Up

I am 52 years old and I am ashamed to admit that for the first time I am finally getting it that sometimes the best recourse is to say nothing. I have always been a big talker, but I read somewhere a long time ago, though it didn't sink in, that people who talk a lot do so because of internal conflict. That's me. I have made my mind up to tone it down, zip 'er up and learn to listen more. Sometimes the best lessons in life come from the strangest sources.