Owen Wilson Attempts Suicide

I was at Burger King getting some lunch. I picked up the Dallas Morning News and was shocked and disturbed to read on the front page that Owen Wilson attempted suicide over the weekend. Made me instantly think of the song, TEARS OF A CLOWN, because Owen was always zany, which is often a cover for sad and depressed people.

Here is the story from Fox News, who report that Owen took an overdose of pills AND slashed his wrist, same thing my son did the first time he attempted suicide. The second time he was successful with a gun. (off topic, but not really) Anyway, they say that Owen had been depressed for months and that a phone call with a close friend was what set him off. They also report that his relationship with Kate Hudson ended over the Memorial Day Weekend and that she was seen with another guy this past weekend. Sounds logical to me. A broken heart sure can do damage to an already depressed psyche. Owen is a native Dallasite who word has it is doing well and has asked for privacy while he heals. I'm glad his suicide attempt was not successful and I wish him a much brighter tomorrow. Hang in there, Owen. You just never know what's around the corner, Bud.