Associated Content Gets $10 Million in Funding

I have read a lot of skepticism across the internet over the last few years concerning Associated Content. When I first signed up two years ago, though AC was going strong, it was not that well respected in writing circles. But I have discovered over the years that writers are by nature a snobby lot. And the reality is that not everyone can, or wants to , be a writer for the big glossy magazines or a full-time, high paid copywriter. Different strokes for different folks.

But just so you know, things have changed at AC over the last few years, and they've changed a lot. Associated Content has worked its way up the ladder to respect and is touted across the web as THE PEOPLE'S MEDIA COMPANY. Proof of this comes from their recent acquisition of $10 million in funding. Read the article about the funding with facts about AC at Venture Magazine.

If you are thinking of becoming a writer for Associated Content, you can rest assured that you will be working for a legitimate and respected company. And for your education my next post will cover what it takes to get started with AC and tips on how to command top dollar for your articles.