Central America Slammed by Hurricane Felix

Hurricane Felix is heading towards Central America. The category 5 storm, which is packing 165 mph winds, moved across the Caribbean early Monday, the National Hurricane Center said. This satellite image, taken at 4:15 a.m. ET on Monday, shows Felix at Category 5 stage. As the storm closed on the Central American coastline, the Honduran government issued a hurricane warning from Limon to its border with Nicaragua. A tropical storm watch remained in effect for Jamaica and for Grand Cayman Island. The NHC said that the storm was likely to remain strong -- as a Category 5 or Category 4 -- over the next day or two. Forecasts called for Felix to pass just north of the Honduran coast before possibly hitting Belize on Tuesday or Wednesday, said CNN meteorologist Jacqui Jeras. Felix is then expected to cross the Yucatan Peninsula and head out over the Gulf of Mexico. Any potential direct impact on the United States would come no sooner than Friday or Saturday along the Texas coast, Jeras added.