Giselle Speaks Out about Beckhams

Giselle Bundchen, the Brazilian model who is now dating New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, was quoted in an interview as saying that she’s sick of comparisons between her and Tom to David and Victoria Beckham. Giselle was quoted as saying, “Nooo! That is crazy! I don’t know who said that. My job is my job and my private life is my private life. They have nothing to do with each other.” She added that she thinks Posh and Becks spend too much time in the spotlight, and that she thinks she’d go “crazy” if that happened to her. “My job is public, and it’s important to have something for yourself. If you don’t, you go crazy.” I have to agree with her. I get sick of seeing Posh all over the place. Why doesn't she get a life outside of shopping?