Happy Friday!

Man am I ever glad it's Friday! I have worked hard this week and I am ready to chill out tonight with this really good book I started reading yesterday called SHEER ABANDON by Penny Vincenzi. I am not usually into women's fiction, but this one caught me by surprise and I have to say I am enjoying the heck out of it.

That may not sound like a very exciting Friday night, but I am trying to reorganize my life. I am beginning to see that it's time for me to put away my bar hopping clothes and become the lady I have always wanted to be. I have rebelled against doing this on sheer principle. Men do whatever they want, why is it that after a certain age women are frowned upon for doing the same? But you know what I am figuring out? I don't WANT to be in a bar on Friday nights anymore. I did my time, got plenty of t-shirts, I am a grandma now and I want to extend my range of experience to include many other things than partying. I am checking into joining to YMCA next week. That's a first step and I feel good about it. Anyway, enough rambling, I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.