Is Madeleine Really Missing?

I was reading this article at CNN News, my favorite source of breaking news, by the way, that says the missing child of doctors, The McCanns, who were vacationing in Portugal's Algarve region with their children was thought to have been spotted. But later reports came back that it wasn't her. The couple has been named as possible suspects in the disappearance of their child.They said they were having dinner at a restaurant while their children slept at their hotel May 3, and discovered Madeleine was gone when they checked in on them.
News of the missing wide-eyed girl has grabbed headlines across the globe and moved celebrities such as soccer star David Beckham to make public pleas for the girl's safe return.

Do you believe the parents were involved? I sure hope not, but so often it has come to light in similar cases that they were. I guess only time will tell.