Justin Timberlake on Oprah

Justin Timberlake was on Oprah for the first time on Wednesday, September 19th, and I gotta tell you, I had no idea until I watched the show that he was so sexy and so talented! Oprah stated that the word is out that Justin Timberlake brought back sexy. I can see why everyone is saying that, he practically oozes charisma and is one very cool dude. But he's also sweet! That is a big part of his charm. His mom was in the audience and she said the thing she was most proud of was the fact that Justin was a good person. When Oprah asked him how he stayed grounded, when women are constantly adoring him, with stunts like putting their panties on their heads at his concerts, Justin Timberlake, with boyish charm, but the good, down to earth kind, said that he always remembered what his mom told him, that we all put our pants on the same way,one leg at a time, and that what we do is not who we are.

I thought I was gonna die when Oprah turned the subject to his romantic life and Justin Timberlake said he sniffed out his dates, then began sensually sniffing the air, here and there, shaking his head no first, then sniffing again and, oh yes, shaking his head yes with a big sexy smile. Hot! The women in the audience were going wild the whole time. He had them eating out of his hand. Though Cameron Diaz was never mentioned, which shows how much class both Oprah and Justin have, she did ask him if he was dating anyone and he said yes. But again, a class act like Justin would not divulge who it was he is dating. He just said that she smelled really good. (That sniffing thing again, I don't think I will ever look at sniffing the same way.) She also asked him what he thought was going on with Britney Spears. Remember, they used to date about 100 years ago? He said he hadn't spoken to Britney in several years, and that he had no idea what was up with her. He added that he didn't know her very well anymore. He didn't say it in a snobby way. He was just being frank. But he did, in Britney's defense, say that she was a great person and had a big heart.

Oprah mentioned that there was speculation that Britney had had a nervous breakdown. Is that what they call it still, when you start doing stupid stuff all the time, drinking and drugging and not taking care of your kids? I thought that was just being stupid and irresponsible. Anyway, back to Justin Timberlake. He winded up his appearance by performing his song "What Goes Around." I sat watching with my jaw dropping as the voice of an angel came flowing out of this hottie, as he played the piano and the guy with the guitar turned Oprah's studio into a rock and roll dream. Justin Timberlake has a new fan. Me.