Keifer Sutherland Gets DUI

You know, it occurs to me, reading about yet about yet another celebrity being arrested for DUI, that as much money as these folks have why don't they take a cab after they have been out partying? There is nothing wrong with having a few, or even more than a few, if you aren't getting behind the wheel of a car. I refuse to, although I will admit I did drink and drive in my younger days. It's a stupid, stupid thing to do and I was lucky that I never hurt anyone or went to jail. Anyway, the details on Keifer's arrest: He was stopped at La Cienega and Beverly at 1:35 a.m and after failing a field sobriety test was charge with misdemeanor DUI by the Los Angeles Police Department. Kiefer was released at 5:42 AM on $25,000 bail and was reported as being “cooperative and mellow” while in police custody.