Lindsay Lohan's Former Bodyguard Spills the Beans

Lindsey Lohan's former bodyguard Lee Weaver has told the world what we all suspected but didn’t know for sure. I wonder how much he got paid to rat her out? Weaver says that Lindsay has always felt that she was responsible for her father’s imprisonment, causing her to escape reality with her drug and alcohol use.

Lee Weaver says he never saw Lindsay actually doing drugs, but he told the  press about late night trips to shady neighborhoods to pick up packages. “One time I questioned her ‘what’s down here?’ Weaver was reported as saying. “And she said ‘Oh I know a couple of friends, somebody called me and they got an idea for a movie, but deep inside I knew what was going on because she wasn’t my first client that I used to follow to certain places.”
The former bodyguard also told of some crazy nights at Nicole Richie’s house. “I knew once we got there it would be another 10 hours. I would say, ‘How are you up this late? You’re not tired? You’re beat, I’m beat.’ Then I would look at the table and see all kinds of stuff.” Weaver claims.