OJ Simpson Certifiably Insane?

Man, this dude is KARAAZEE! Like a fox, I might add. First he gets away with killing his ex-wife and her boyfriend. Now he decides that the sports memorabilia with his name on it still actually belongs to him, never mind the fact that someone else paid good money for it.

OJ is in jail without bail--thank you!--after being arrested for taking sports memorabilia from two men in a Las Vegas hotel room Thursday. One of the men involved, Bruce Fromong, described it as "a home invasion-type robbery" involving Simpson and several companions, two who pointed guns at people in the room.

The other victim, Alfred Beardsley, is quoted at TMZ.com as saying that Simpson later apologized to him and told him he regretted the incident. (Right, after he got caught, sure he regretted it) Simpson says he entered the room with a group of friends, one of whom was posing as a potential buyer, after being tipped off that some of his personal items were for sale there. He said his friends helped him carry the items from the room, but that no guns were involved. He didn't consider the incident a robbery.

But Las Vegas police Lt. Clint Nichols said the search included the seizure of two guns during the investigation. Oh, my, did OJ LIE? Imagine that.