One by One, Britney's People Bailing Out

It looks like Britney Spears will end up being one of those celebrities doing commercials for car insurance before it's all over with. Her former bodyguard, Tony Baretto, has turned on her, ready to testify about his former boss' love of nudity and drug use. He will also voice his concerns about the safety of her children while in her care.

Also, in Monday's closed-door hearing, which was the last for her lawyer, Laura Wasser, who insisted she wasn't bailing on her client, but the fact that there is already a replacement in the form of Marci Levine says otherwise. Strike number three is the management company Britney Spears hired a month ago to help launch her new album has dropped her, explaining, "Current circumstances have prevented us from properly doing our job." Have you thought of putting in a call to Geico, Britney?