Somebody Stop This Guy!

I can't believe this guy. I don't know who he is anymore. He once was a great football player named O.J. Simpson, Remember that guy? The one who raced through airports for Hertz? Now that he has been arrested in Las Vegas on 11 felony counts, a few of those being robbery and kidnapping, after deciding that some sports memorabilia with his name on it, even though it was the property of someone else, belonged to him, I wonder if he even knows who he is anymore.

It wasn't enough that O.J. Simpson got away with murdering his ex-wife and her boyfriend, Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman, but then he wrote a book called, "If I Did It" describing, in what he claimed were hypothetical terms, how the murders were carried out. They need to lock this guy up in a very small room with padded cells. Jeez O.J., whatever happened to The Juice?  Now you are just sad and worse than pathetic.