The Damon Carroll Band

I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Damon Carroll last week. I was in the Winedale Tavern on Lower Greenville in Dallas, a quaint little bar I like to visit a couple of times a month and the only seat available along the bar was next to me so Damon asked if I minded if he sat there.

The first thing I noticed about this biker was his aura, an enthusiastic happiness emanated from him. We got to talking and he told me about his band, but what I liked is that he was just so matter of fact, humble I'd say, about a band that sounds so damned good! How do I know that? Because he gave me a copy of their new CD, Live @ Pickin' in the Pines. I am listening to it now and I gotta tell you, my foot can't stop tapping. This is some good music, guys and gals. Damon has a voice that is unique, but brought to mind a sort of James Taylor meets Leon Russell, with Crosby Stills and Nash playing in the background.