The Poet's heart is full of romance

The heart of a poet is so misunderstood by the average person. And no, this does NOT make a poet feel superior. If anything, it makes them feel separate in a way that is probably not healthy. I have been writing poetry, been a soul of thought, a person who lives the life of the mind and the heart, since I was a very young girl. People, what is considered normal people, have always called me "crazy" or "out there." That really hurts, even though I have never told them so. They laugh when they say it, they mean no harm, but if they could live in my head for a day they would understand that to be deep or emotional is not crazy. The way the world is and the cruelty that folks bestow upon one another makes me wonder if I am sane and the rest of the world are the ones who are crazy, as a matter of fact. Just sayin'.