Brad Pitt Interview in Parade Magazine

I read an interview with Brad Pitt in the Sunday Parade magazine this morning and it really made me like him even more than I already did. Brad said that he has always had a persistence feeling of sadness, that he was born with it. I can relate to that, tending to melancholy myself. But he said that this was the catalyst that provoked him to start helping others who were less fortunate than him.

He REALLY gave it to the papparazzi, saying that one reporter got in his kid's face, shouting the kid's name. Brad Pitt thought that things would die down after his initial coupling with Angelina Jolie and their choice of a different lifestyle than other celebrities, the choice to immerse themselves in adopting children and donating to worthy causes, but he says it's just gotten worse. Brad said that he would never betray his beliefs and that his belief was in his family. What a humble, sweet and handsome guy.