I Guess I'm Just Mean

I need to leave these old men alone. I have talked to a guy for a few weeks on the dating site, (I have now deleted my profile, by the way) and today he called and we went to the farmer's market. But the first thing he told me is that he didn't have any money. Ok, I wasn't expecting him to pay for the fruits and vegetables I bought, (by the way, I got some fresh okra, a head of cabbage, onions, celery, and the most delicious blueberries you have ever put in your mouth!) but what is a 54 year old man doing with NO money? THEN, he wanted to hold hands with me while we were walking around and I said no. I just met him! Why would I want to hold hands with a broke ass 54 year old man who looked 64?

When he brought me back home he accidentally hit the curb and busted a hole in his tire. (I was wanting to giggle because the first thing he said when he did was that the tire cost $150, yes, I guess I am just mean)  He came upstairs and sat down, (at least I DID invite him in, I even offered him a glass of water before he had to go back out and change his tire, so I am not THAT mean!) I sat down at the other end of the couch and for 15 solid minutes there was silence. So I got up and started making Mexican stew. (what else was I supposed to be doing, holding his hand?) Soon he got up and said he guessed he'd better go. I didn't even walk him to the door, and I watched out the window as he sat on the curb and replaced his $150 tire with a donut, giggling as I chopped the vegetables.

I guess I AM just mean. Or I just plain like being alone. Or I need to meet someone who turns me on, or...or...or..hell, I don't know what!