Where the Mind Goes, The Man Follows

I ordered a 5 CD series called "Where the Man Goes the Man Follows" by Joyce Myers and it came in the mail today. I am listening to the first CD as I write this and I can tell you that Mrs. Myers is delivering a message that I really needed to hear.

One thing she said that even worry is offense to God. We are not to worry but to put our faith in him. She also told a story of a man who had a miserable life. He woke up every morning with bad thoughts and the rest of his day followed, as it will. But he started doing something different. Every morning when he woke up he began imagining an empty tablet of paper. He would envision 10 things he was grateful for and imagined writing them on this tablet. This process changed his life.

I am looking forward to listening to all of these CDs. I love Joyce Myers. If you would like to have these CDs you can go to Joyce Myers website and for a donation of any amount they will be mailed to you.