A & E Dumps Dog the Bounty Hunter

THANK GOD! When white trash like Duane Chapman get their own TV shows I know that the world is falling completely apart. But thanks to Tucker Chapman, the son of Dog the Bounty Hunter Duane Chapman, who was mad at his father for calling his girlfriend a nigger in a phone conversation Tucker taped, Dog is history. The advertisers pulled their money and A & E pulled the show.

Duane and his lovely, (yuk) wife can go back to being just plain old white trash again. Or no, I'm probably wrong, the way things work in this country is that Dog will write a book that instantly becomes a bestseller, even though he can't write, or make a movie that is a blockbuster even though he can't act. Our perspective is screwed up, to say the least. And that's my opinion. That's why it's MY blog.