A Smart Guy

Ok, so I'm on the dating site last night playing around and I see Bill's on there too. (He's the guy I called and canceled dinner with, told him I didn't have romantic feelings for him.) But there I went, sending him a message, asking him how he's doing. He messaged me back and told me that he was very, very attracted to me and liked me a lot and that he was hurt but he would get over it after awhile. Well that just melted my heart! I didn't realize he liked me that much!

We talked back and forth for a couple of hours and then he called. He said something that floored me. I told him that I was confused, because I really did like him but I was always attracted to a different sort of guy, and usually to guys that were bad for me. He said that he thought women did that to keep from becoming truly intimate with a good man because they knew a bad man was a dead end street and there was no chance of them forming a lasting relationship.

Wow. I think Bill hit the nail on the head. We are going to try again, slowly this time, but exclusively date each other. I don't want to let a chance at finally having a good man go. I have new respect for Bill and am going to try shedding those bad pheromones that have gotten me into so much trouble in the past. It really IS what is inside a person that matters. So what if it has taken me till 52 to find that out?