Dancing With the Stars Winners Helio and Julianne

I love being right! I predicted that Helio & Julianne would be the winners of Dancing With the Stars from very early into the competition. Why? Because they simply were the best dancers, and that's what the contest was about. I think America did a great job of voting and eliminating the right people at the right time.

Marie Osmond and her partner, Jonathan Robbins, were the first to go home last night of the three remaining couples in the competition, which was no surprise. Even though Marie was totally entertaining during the whole season, she was far from one of the best dancers, though I must give her points for fortitude and a great attitude. The contest ended up being between Mel and Maks and Helio and Julianne. Mel is one of the Spice Girls, and boy is she built! There was routine she did where she wore a red velvet costume and all I could think is that I wished my body looked like that. But bodies were not what it was about, again, dancing the best won out, as it should have.  Congratulations Helio & Julianne and thanks ABC for a wonderful season of Dancing with the Stars!