The Bachelor Picked...NO ONE!

The season finale of the Bachelor was a shocker, to say the least. It came down to Jennie and Deanna. When he sent Jennie home, I was happy because, even though she was a sweet girl, I thought Deanna was much better suited for him she was much more real. But to my consternation and I am sure that of millions of other viewers, Brad also sent Deanna home, choosing no one.

I have wondered several times about the sincerity of Brad and his true reasons for choosing to be The Bachelor. Even though he is handsome and a nice guy, he just never seemed to be genuine. He was always acting as if he were playing a part rather than really falling in love or looking for a wife.

Tonight there will be a showdown between him and Jennie and Deanna. This was filmed two months after the fact. I wonder if he will for once come clean and stop saying "I have such strong feelings for both of you" and explain what they hell he was up to.