Random Acts of Kindness

I get the feeling that people I know online think I am all business and a bit aloof, but what I am about to tell you I think will change your mind. I live in a very urban, though eclectic, neighborhood near downtown Dallas. If you look out my kitchen window you will see mansions, if you look out my living room window you will often see homeless people walking down the street or people catching the bus.

Up until two years ago I had never lived in a big city. I was born and raised and lived almost forever in a small, affluent, suburban town and I always had a car, which I don't now. So you can imagine the culture shock I felt when I ended up in East Dallas, afoot and now alone. But instead of being afraid or intimidated, I feel blessed. Everyday I try to find some way to do something nice for someone I see, as I walk to the donut shop, the grocery store, the convenience store, etc. While I sit and wait for the bus to carry me to the library I talk to the people there. I make sure and speak to those I pass on the street. Several times I have taken old clothes across the street to the halfway house that is there.

I have learned a very valuable lesson in all of this. Every human life is precious and each one deserves respect, no matter their circumstances. Acts of kindness should never be random, they should be part of our daily lives, an afterthought, a part of living.