Great shirts for geeks

I never thought the day would come when being a geek was so very, very cool. This picture reminds me of that movie, Revenge of the Nerds. Whoever made that movie must have known something we didn't, had foreword thinking, that's for sure.

Review of "The Road" by Cormac McCarthy

This was the first book I have read by Cormac McCarthy. Now I see why my literary friends rave so much about this author. His stark, simplistic prose cut to the bone. In 'The Road" an old man and his young son, neither who are ever named, are traveling a road in a futuristic world that is near its end. Everywhere there is fire, ash, death and sorrow. But along their journey, no matter the insurmountable odds and the danger they face trying to survive, their love and dependence on each other grows stronger. McCarthy has created a masterpiece of symbolism for our journey through this life. I was deeply moved by this book and will not soon forget the lessons that I learned.

What's Up America? Chris Richardson in the Bottom Two???

I have to wonder about the sanity of the American public. Sanjaya can't sing worth a shit, but he is still on American Idol, even though he should have been gone long ago. Don't little girls realize that he's gay? I have nothing against gay people, but if you are going to bawl and squawl over a singer, there should at least be something to have a crush about.  But who ends up in the bottom two? Chris Richardson, one of the best voices of the group. It was no surprise that Stephanie went home after the weak performance from the night before, but Chris was the other least voted for person?  Aye yi yi. Get a grip, America.

Weekend Television

Sucks! I have become more of a television watcher than I have since I was a youngster. I guess that's part of getting older. You just can't run the streets, you know? :) I read alot, but sometimes, after blogging all day, my eyes are just too tired to read, and my mind wants to shut off, just watch some mindless TV. During the week I never miss King of Queens. It's probably my favorite show, even though I have seen pretty much every episode at least twice, more like 4 or 5 times. I am trying to save money too, so I don't want to go shopping or out to eat much. So having only Antique Road Show on PBS to look forward to, or a cheesy Lifetime movie, makes me wish there were more quality programs on the weekend. Oh, well, I guess if that's my biggest problem I'm doing pretty good, huh?

Did Simon Cowell Get the Gag Order?

I mentioned it here at the beginning of this season's American Idol, read in online, saw it on TV. Simon and even Randy and Paula were being too harsh on the contestants that were auditioning.  Have you noticed that since then, all three, and especially Simon, have pulled in their claws just a bit? Yeah, Simon is still saying the things he always has, but there is definitely not the venom or condescending attitude that was there before. Is it just me, or have you noticed it too? (And Lakisha has this year sewed up, by the way.)

Comedian Richard Jeni Dies

When I read the name Richard Jeni and heard that he had died, I didn't know who he was.But the minute I saw his face I recognized him. The role that I remember him best for was the best friend of Jim Carey's character in The Mask. He was a stand up comedian most of his life and did a lot of late night shows.

Richard Jeni apparently committed suicide. Sources say that his girlfriend called 911 and said, "My boyfriend shot himself in the face." Here is the report from ABC Entertainment News. I feel so sorry for her and the family of Richard Jeni. I know what it feels like to lose someone you love to suicide. My prayers are with them. And for Mr. Jeni; I hope you found release from the pain you obviously were searching for.

This Season of American Idol is Dull

And I sure do hate that. Last season rocked, even the commercials were cool, with the group driving Ford vehicles and having a ball. This year's bunch don't seem to even be the problem. I can't put my finger on what it is, but there is some magic missing. There are some very good singers. For instance, I really enjoyed Blake Lewis' rendition of 311's song "All Mixed Up." But that was the beginning of the show. The rest of blah. Nobody really impressed me. I was more wrapped up in the book I was reading than in AI. I will keep the TV on tonight while the ladies sing, and I will watch who goes home tomorrow night, but if things don't start popping soon, AI will be losing this viewer.