Comedian George Carlin Dies at 71

I was so sad to read it. At the still young age of 71 George Carlin finally bit the dust. He had a long history of heart trouble and the old ticker gave up on him at last.

That is a really good story from Yahoo News about his career. Man, I was in my twenties when he was just hitting his career sweet spot. I loved it that he didn't give a DAMN what anybody thought of him and made himself rich and famous for that very attribute.George, if there is a heaven you are smoking a cigar and sharing a laugh with the likes of Lenny Bruce and Red Skelton.  I love you. Goodbye and good luck in the next life.

Last Night's Political Late Night Humor

Some things never change. In a strange sort of way, that's comforting. Even if it comes in the form of ribald humor at the expense of politicians. That tradition has been unique to America for as long as I can remember.

Last night's late show monologues were no exception. Check out some of the best:

"Hey, have you hear this story that Barack Obama and Scarlett Johansson are apparently e-mail buddies? Scarlett Johansson is quoted as saying, 'My heart belongs to Barack Obama.' How about that, huh? Barack's not even president yet, still doing waaay better than Bill Clinton ever did." --Jay Leno

"Barack Obama surprised a bunch of students in Chicago yesterday when he showed up unannounced at an eighth grade graduation. Gave a speech at the eighth grade graduation, pretty cool. Now, don't confuse that with President Bush's appearance last year at an eighth grade graduation. He was just there getting a diploma." --Jay Leno

"President Bush is now in Europe. Again, you know, we like President Bush. I just don't think he has a real grasp of history. Did you see him in Berlin yesterday? He said, 'Am I crazy, or did there used to be a wall?'" --Jay Leno

"The Fox News Channel did a weird thing last night. There was a rumor going around that Michelle Obama used the word 'whitey' in front of a group of black church-goers, and it turned out not to be true. And of course, Obama supporters were upset about it, but when they did the story, look at the caption Fox used at the bottom of the screen here [on screen: Fox calls Michelle Obama Obama's 'baby mama']. Obama's baby mama. Now, I'm pretty sure that Michelle Obama is Barack's wife, not his baby mama. You have to wonder if they'd use that terminology if she was white. But Fox is fair and balanced. We know because they say it all the time [on screen: fake video of Fox 'calling' Cindy McCain 'Mac Daddy's Skeezy-Ass Trick']. A similar thing with John McCain's wife, Cindy" --Jimmy Kimmel

Review of "Lord I Want to Be Whole"

When I saw the name of this blog I thought to myself, "Oh, man, not another holy roller!" But I was pleasantly surprised by the rich content of this personal blog, "Lord I Want to Be Whole." I found myself continuing to read post after post. There is a lot of inspiration there from someone who has overcome much in life, depression being one of them. I could really relate, and left feeling motivated and peaceful.

The great thing about this blog is that, though there is talk about God, it is not crammed down your throat and you can envision whatever idea of God that you chose and still take a lot away from it.

The only thing I can find wrong is that the Amazon widget is slowing down the loading time. Otherwise, nice blog.

About Blog Reviews

I decided today to start doing blog review for free on this blog. I have been blogging professionally for about three years, so I feel I have the expertise to do blog reviews. I will talk about the layout, the sidebars, and the content, the whole kit and kaboodle when I review your blog.

But be forewarned, I am going to brutally honest, though I will also offer constructive criticism. So think long and hard before you ask for a review. If you are easily offended or don't take criticism well, I suggest you refrain from asking for a review. Just remember, it's all about having the best blog you can.

I posted in the Blog Catalog community this morning that I would do free reviews and within a few hours had one email and ten comments. Good deal! That will keep me busy for several weeks. I will be reviewing one BLOG a day. Notice that I didn't say WEBSITE, though the email I got WAS from a website, a train wreck of a supposedly comic website with a SO not funny cartoon. I will not post the link here since it is NOT a blog. Sorry, Charlie.

Later this evening I will post a review of the first blog. Stay tuned! This is going to be a wild ride!

Hey There!

I have been gone for a while and I have really missed blogging about entertainment! So much has been going on, both in my personal life and in the entertainment world. I apologize for being a slacker when it comes to keeping you up to date. However, let's get right back into the swing of things starting next week, when I will be keeping you informed of all the latest Hollywood gossip and all things entertainment.

But for now, can you believe that I have become addicted to reruns of THE OC?? I have a roommate who owns all 5 season and we are watching it from the beginning. I am totally hooked! Who would have ever thought this old gal would become addicted to a teenage soap opera? Oh well, you never know!

An Exciting Time in History

I have become to believe that one of these people will be the next president of the United States. And it is really beginning to dawn on me that if that is so, we are living in one of the most exciting times in history, where either a black Muslim (edit:: after some comments were posted in reaction to my saying Mr. Obama was a Muslim, I have found that this is untrue, here is the link to the truth. Forgive me, Mr. Obama.)
or a woman, for the first time ever, will be our president.

Savor this time in history. Be grateful to be a part of it. There is so much in life that is negative, it is wonderful to find something exciting and good happening. If either one, Obama or Hillary win, that means we have bridged a gap that has taken over 200 years to close. God bless America.

Jennifer Lopez Mom of Twins

Photo of JLO with twins
Jennifer Lopez and husband Marc Anthony are the proud new parents of twins, a boy and a girl, Lopez’s manager told People magazine. According to hospital reports, “The babies were born early Friday in Long Island, N.Y. The girl was born at 12:12 a.m. and weighed 5 lbs. 7 oz., and the boy followed at 12:23 a.m., weighing 6 lbs.”

John McCain's Affair?

It has been uncovered that John McCain has possibly had an affair with a lobbyist. Why anyone would be interested in him on a romantic level is beyond me, but hey, I guess that's just me.

Ms. Iseman and McCain are supposed to be just friends and nothing more. But in 1999 she began showing up so frequently in his offices and at campaign events that staff members took notice. One recalled asking, "Why is she always around?"

That February, Mr. McCain and Ms. Iseman attended a small fund-raising dinner with several clients at the Miami-area home of a cruise-line executive and then flew back to Washington along with a campaign aide on the corporate jet of one of her clients, Paxson Communications. By then, according to two former McCain associates, some of the senator's advisers had grown so concerned that the relationship had become romantic that they took steps to intervene.

Toe Licking Robbing Gets Probation

This is a hoot! A man who robbed a woman of her keys and cell phone, then licked her toes, was sentenced Wednesday to five years' probation. Twenty six year old Carlton Jermaine Davis, will face 21 months in prison if he fails to complete probation for the robbery charge in Ramsey County District Court.According to the complaint filed by the woman, Davis approached her around 1 a.m. on Sept. 9 as she was leaving work and forced her to put her phone and purse inside a bag. Then he told her, "Now I'm going to suck your feet."

Police arrested Davis a few minutes later about four blocks away.

Ugh. But I had to laugh. I was feeling very serious and this story reminded me that we just can't take life that seriously, it's too absurd.

Eva Mendez in Rehab

I hate to hear that Eva Mendez has joined the ranks of yet another Hollywood star who has gone into rehab. From what I have read across the Internet, the buxom bombshell has already left the Salt Lake City, Utah rehab where she supposedly went to take care of some personal issues.  Man, if that's all it is, I wish I had a rehab to escape to. And I DO hope for her sake that it really is just about personal issues.

Heath Ledger's Death Due to Combining Prescription Drugs

As I am sure we all have, I have been waiting steadily for the cause of the death of Heath Ledger. Now I find this article that says his death was due to combining several different prescription drugs, Xanax and Valium being among those drugs found in his system at autopsy. The article is talking about the problem with prescription drug addiction and abuse and how people can get different prescriptions from different doctors, causing abuse.

I am so sorry to hear that this is how Heath Ledger died. Sad, sad.

John McCain Appearing a True Threat

The polls don't lie. John McCain looks as if he is going to take the GOP candidate slot for the race for president.After a whirlwind of voting Tuesday that delivered an insurmountable lead for McCain over Mitt Romney, McCain still faces the task of winning over the conservatives who are hostile toward the Arizona senator. McCain took the first steps into trying to rectify that situation Tuesday night when he declared victory in a carefully written, why-I-am-a-Republican speech. McCain said he hopes to draw Republicans together in the manner of Ronald Reagan, patron saint of the modern-day GOP.

Ellen Drinking on TV

Photo of Ellan Degenres
I swear, Ellen DeGeneres is going to go down in history as one of the funniest comedians ever, right there along with Milton Burle and Johnny Carson. Today on her show she had a lady preparing dishes for Super Bowl parties and the ones that required alcohol, Ellen made sure to drink some of each before she added it to the recipe. I was laughing so hard. Her comedic timing is perfect.

I SO love Ellen, but it did cross my mind that she would be getting letters from the holier than thou jumping her butt for drinking on TV. To heck with them. Do you remember Dean Martin? I doubted back then anyone cared that he had a drink and a cigarette in his hands while he entertained us. It never crossed my mind as a kid to go out and drink or start smoking because Dean Martin did it. Aaaanyway....

Celebrity Apprentice

Last night's Celebrity Apprentice was a hoot and the first win for the women's team. But what made it all so very interesting was when the men's team sent Vinnie Pastore of The Sopranos fame over to the women's side to act as a spy. Little did Pierce, the team leader of the men, know that Vinnie would become a double agent, revealing to the women the plans of the men's team just as he had revealed earlier to the men's team what the women's game plan was.

It made for some very good television, especially when Vinnie got so tore up in the board room that he began threatening Pierce, the British brain, with bodily harm and then quit, telling The Donald that the show was not worth having a heart attack over.

American Idol Fun

I really enjoyed last night's American Idol. There were two big and beautiful black women who made an even bigger impression on the judges. They both said they loved Ryan Seacrest but one of them especially loved Randy Jackson and the other Simon Cowell. Both girls made the cut. They really did have nice voices.

And what about the girl that Simon called "precocious?" She didn't know what the word meant, but Simon was certainly right, she had precocious down. She didn't make it to Hollywood, but the show did have a clip of her precocious self back when she was twelve singing in a kid's competition. She was pretty good, but, yeah, precocious was the word for her even back then. Somebody really loved that child, it was evident. I guess that's a good thing, but she was really over the top with her self love on the show last night.

Paula discovered a guy she really liked, even getting up to hug him, a heart throb from Venezuela. If it hadn't been for Paula he wouldn't have made the cut. She told him he needed to lose the accent. I don't think he will go very far on American Idol, since he sounds like a Latin singer, and it is, well, AMERICAN Idol. There was one guy I felt really sorry for. He sang through his nose and Randy told him so, even imitating the poor dude.All in all, some pretty good talent. I am looking forward to seeing who ends up in the final 24.

Giuliani and Edwards Drop Out of Presidential Race

Rudy Giuliani has dropped out of the presidential race on the Republican side and is now putting his hat in the ring of John McCain. I don't want a Republican in the White House, but if there had to be one I would much rather it be McCain than Romney.

Also, John Edwards has given up the race on the Democratic side, but so far I don't see him endorsing anyone. We'll see if that changes. I wish he'd get behind Obama rather than Hillary Clinton. He has to be on someone's side, doesn't he?

What About Rudy Giuliani?

Rudy Giuliani has hinted for the first time that he may drop out of the presidential race if he doesn't win the next state primary. But he also followed that up by insisting that he intends to win. "I expect to win it," he said. "You don't contemplate losing it. That isn't something you do on the day of a primary."Polls show that Giuliani is trailing badly in Florida, the state where he has poured most of his time and energy in his pursuit of the Republican presidential nomination. If he wins Florida, he will have earned the biggest, brashest "I told you so" of his political career.

Lose, and Giuliani may be uttering his final words of the campaign.

Cops Back at Britney's House

Here we go again. But this time when the cops came to Britney's house it was a simple case of illegal parking. Abnan Ghalib, her boyfriend, drove up to the outskirts of Britney's Beverly Hills home, reportedly at her request, but was denied entry when the gate guards dialed Britney to get her permission and the police were called.

A spokesman for the LAPD said that police responded to the call thinking that people had followed Spears home, but it turned out that it was the regular hangers on outside the area. It's unclear whether Spears issued instructions to keep Ghalib away or if her steady companion, Sam Lutfi, who earlier Thursday told the ladies of The View that the singer was getting psychiatric treatment, was the one who gave the order. Ghalib told TMZ that Spears called him following a major verbal dustup between her and Lutfi that occurred as they were driving toward her home. "Baby, can you come pick me up?" he says Spears asked him.

Satellite Could Hit Earth

This is scary! A large U.S. spy satellite has lost power and could hit Earth in February or early March.The satellite can no longer be controlled, government officials said, and could contain hazardous materials. It is not known where the satellite might come down. The officials spoke on condition of anonymity because the information is classified as secret. It was not clear how long ago the satellite lost power, or under what circumstances.

"Appropriate government agencies are monitoring the situation," said Gordon Johndroe, a spokesman for the National Security Council. "Numerous satellites over the years have come out of orbit and fallen harmlessly. We are looking at potential options to mitigate any possible damage this satellite may cause."

He would not comment on whether it is possible for the satellite to perhaps be shot down by a missile. He said it would be inappropriate to discuss any specifics at this time.

A senior government official said that lawmakers and other nations are being kept apprised of the situation.

The SAG Awards

I am watching the Screen Actor's Guild Awards and the first presenter is John Travolta! I just absolutely love that man. What other actor is brave and brilliant enough to pay a woman in the movie Hairspray and do it so beautifully? Only John. I fell in love with him when he was Vinnie Barbarino in the TV show Welcome Back Kotter.

I am looking forward to watching the rest of this award show too. One of the best award shows there is, in my opinion.

Caroline Kennedy Backing Obama

In this editorial Caroline Kennedy in the New York Times she brought me to tears as she reflected on the life of her father, President John F. Kennedy, and compared Barak Obama to him. She is in full support of Obama and I for one couldn't be happier. If anything could put Obama over the top, an endorsement by Caroline Kennedy could.

Hate Group to Demonstrate at Heath Ledger's Funeral

This story disturbs me on so many levels. In fact, it is weird and ugly enough that I couldn't even figure out what category to put this post under! A Baptist church in Topeka, Kansas has said that they will demonstrate at Heath Ledger's funeral because he is going to hell for playing a gay person in the movie BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN. This group is known for demonstrating at the funerals of soldiers who are killed in Iraq and they also have a website called GodHatesFags.Com and GodHatesAmerica.Com. The only positive thing in the article above that I noted was that this church is considered a hate group and is monitored by the Anti-Defamation League.

But what really bugs me is that this is a fine example of why so many people have stopped believing in religion. How in God's name can you, in good conscious, hang out with people who believe that they are more righteous than others? Jesus taught us to love one another and not to judge, but somewhere along the way this message has gotten lost.  All I can say is that these folks will someday receive their just reward.

Barak Obama Has a Great Sense of Humor

On the Tonight Show with David Letterman last night, Barak Obama, my Democratic choice for president, delivered the famous top ten list. Here it is:

10. To keep the budget balanced, I’ll rent the situation room for sweet sixteens.

9. I will double your tax money at the craps table.

8. Appoint Mitt Romney secretary of lookin’ good.

7. If you bring a gator to the White House, I’ll wrassle it.

6. I’ll put Regis on the nickel.

5. I’ll rename the tenth month of the year “Barack-tober.”

4. I won’t let Apple release the new and improved iPod the day after you bought the previous model.

3. I’ll find money in the budget to buy Letterman a decent hairpiece.

2. Pronounce the word nuclear, nuclear.

1. Three words: Vice President Oprah.

What is Up With Britney Spears?

For the second time in a row, Britney Spears made it to the courthouse for a hearing in her ongoing child custody dispute — only to again bolt at the last minute.

The pop star got to the court on time Wednesday but fled before a hearing that could have helped her restore visitation rights with her two young boys. Why did she do that? Doesn't she care about her kids? I just don't get it.

Bush and Company Lie With Impunity

I just don't get it. Never in my 52 years have I seen a president and his officials get away with so much without being punished. G.W. Bush should have been impeached years ago. Why? Well, for one thing, according to two independent journalist who have done an in-depth investigation, George W. Bush and his officials told over 900 lies after the 2001 terrorist attack in order to sway public opinion and bring our country to war.

Read the full story here.

I am so disgusted with this administration and wait fervently for the end of this liar's reign.

Heath Ledger Found Dead!

This is a major shock! I was watching Ellen when the news broke in and said that actor Heath Ledger,28, was found dead today at a downtown Manhattan residence. Police said drugs may have been a factor.

A New York Police Department spokesman said that Ledger had an appointment for a massage at the Manhattan apartment believed to be his home. The housekeeper who went to let him know the masseuse had arrived found him dead at 3:26 p.m.

Dear God. I just can't believe it. Heath Ledger was one of my favorite actors. :(

Loving the Heat

And I am not talking, obviously, about the weather. It is 23 degrees in Texas today and that is REALLY cold for here! What I am talking about is the heat between the presidential hopefuls. It does my heart good to see people getting this excited about the running of our country for a change. For too long we, including politicians, have been lily livered pansies, either afraid to speak our minds or to apathetic to care.

Not so this presidential race. I hope that is a sign of things to come. The one thing we need in America is a renewal of passion. THESE candidates care. Maybe that means we will end up with a president who does. What a breath of fresh air that will be!

Clinton and Obama Get Personal

Hillary Clinton has accused Barack Obama of "looking for a fight" in their debate last night. She said he acted out of frustration over primary campaign losses in New Hampshire and Nevada.But Obama says that the Clintons have been distorting his record. "When it comes to Senator Clinton's remarks, I think it's very clear that Senator Clinton has and President Clinton have been spending the last month attacking me in ways that are not accurate," Obama told reporters in a conference call.

Speaking to reporters in Washington, Clinton belittled Obama's various criticisms at the debate as "rehearsed points."

"I think what we saw last night was that he's very frustrated," she said. "I believe that the events of the last 10 or so days, the outcome of New Hampshire and Nevada, have apparently convinced him to adopt a different strategy. He clearly came — he telegraphed it, he talked about it — he clearly came last night looking for a fight. He was determined and launched right in."

The two argued bitterly and personally at Monday night's debate in Myrtle Beach, S.C., over issues such as the Iraq war and Bill Clinton's role in the campaign. The two also traded accusations over Hillary Clinton's work as a lawyer for anti-union Wal-Mart and Obama's relationship with a political patron facing fraud charges.

Tell em' Obama! She's a crook and her husband is a liar. Do we really want that for four more years?

The Sun Dogs

Saturday evening about six pm, as the sun disappeared from the cold landscape and loneliness began creeping in, I decided that since I am single, what in the hell was I doing sitting at home? So, I hopped on a bus and headed down the road to the Lakewood area. Lakewood is only about 5 miles from my apartment and it is like a different world, like it's own little suburban slice of heaven.

Desiring the company of cheerful people, I stepped into the Lakewood Tavern. But little did I know, I was to be privy to some of the best music I have heard in a very long time. I had no idea that there would be live music at the Lakewood Tavern. I had only been there once and it was earlier in the daytime.

The Sun Dogs from Allen, Texas were warming up as I arrived. There were very few people in the bar. It is more of a night spot for younger people, I gathered, and the crowd would not start arriving until a few hours later. But the band began to play at around 7. WOW. They blew me away when they started off with a song by Chicago, complete with trumpet. They even had bongos! The singer's voice was beautiful, sweet and strong. I was only there for about three songs--one of them a heavy rock and roll tune, what a versatile mix they offered me and very quickly--I turn into a pumpkin if I am not in bed with a book by 9, but I have to say, I enjoyed myself thoroughly and the pleasant and talented surprise of The Sun Dogs.

Matthew McConaughey to Be a Dad

Finally! The hunky Matthew McConaughey, who is from Longview, Texas, is going to be a daddy. He and his Brazilian girlfriend, Camila Alves, a model, will be parents in about 5 or 6 months.

Congratulations, you beautiful Texas hunk!

Obama Tells It Straight

I love this from Barak Obama. When sighting Clinton's criticism of his answer from Tuesday’s debate on his greatest weakness he joked that if he had answered the question like Clinton or Edwards he'd say his greatest weakens was helping old women across the street. "I'm sorry, I thought when you said what's your biggest weakness you meant what's your biggest weakness… But this is what I mean. This is political speak. This is what you learn in Washington from all those years of experience. It's funny except it's sad, because it means that the American people are constantly having to sort out what do people really mean."

Gene Simmons Fired!

Donald Trump really did everything he could do NOT to fire Gene Simmons last night on The Apprentice. But Gene, who is beyond arrogant, to the point of obviously being stupid, dug his own grave when he didn't call Latino media dynamo NELY GALÁN back into the boardroom with him. I am almost certain The Donald was planning on firing her because all she did in the meeting with the Kodak executives was to run her head. But noooo, Gene decided he even knew better than Kodak what they need, telling Mr. Trump that Kodak was wrong!  What an idiot.

Brad Renfro Dead at 25

Brad Renfro was most famous for his role in the movie THE CLIENT, a blockbuster adaptation of John Grisham's novel. Brad starred along side Susan Sarandon and Tommy Lee Jones in that movie when he was 12 years old. But the main thing he has been famous for in the years since has been his abuse of drugs and alcohol.. The cause of death has not yet been determined and an autopsy could take place as early as Wednesday.

Renfro's more recent behavior, however, suggested that the Knoxville, Tennessee, native was working hard to get his life back on track. A month after agreeing to enter a drug-diversion program in March 2006 in order to avoid jail time on an attempted heroin-possession rap, he told reporters that he had 30 days of hard-won sobriety and was "tired of paying the consequences" for his destructive behavior.

I lost a son to drugs three years ago and all I can say is, I am sorry Brad, that you couldn't overcome your demons and I pray for your parents in the aftermath of your tragic death.

Major League Pitcher Joe Kennedy's Death Heart Disease

I reported a few months ago that 28 year old Joe Kennedy, who collapsed and died at his in-laws house, was having an autopsy performed on his body to figure out what killed him. I have been SO curious to know what it was, hoping that it wasn't drug use or anything else self inflicted. He sounded like such a nice, family man, and I am glad to find out today that his death actually was from natural causes. Joe died of heart disease, having a rare form that had gone undetected during testing.

Kennedy was a journeyman left-hander who played seven years in the majors and played for three teams during the 2007 season. He had a 43-61 career record with 4.79 ERA in 222 appearances.

He appeared in 27 games with the Oakland Athletics before being released and pitching briefly for the Arizona Diamondbacks. He ended the season with the Toronto Blue Jays, who said they intended to bring him back next season.

Here is the full story from Comcast News. May you rest in peace, Joe.

Huckabee Fails to Impress College Students

I certainly hope this becomes a trend across America and that it shows up in the polls for students old enough to vote. I read from an ABC News report that Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee spoke at North Greenville University, a college in Tigerville, South Carolina on Wednesday, where the motto: "Where Christ makes the difference."Maybe Christ makes a difference, but Huckabee sure didn't. He tailored his message by speaking largely about how his policies will impact their generation. The crowd was very supportive and vocal, but Huckabee's jokes fell flat and the generation gap was clearly evident.

American Idol, Here We Go!

I watched the premier of this season's American Idol last night and really got some good laughs. There were also a few very talented singers. I enjoy this part of the show so much, when the idiots come out of the woodwork, like the guy who was dressed in a belly dancing costume. I thought Simon was going to kill him! And then there was the Janis Joplin wannabe was was sweet even after being told no, but changed into a real witch for the camera afterwards, shooting fingers to the world. Simon said he felt like she was channeling the voice of Grace Slick.

The show is on again tonight. If you missed last night, be sure to tune in for more fun, whacked out people and maybe some real talent.

What a Day!

I changed my mind PDQ after removing the Google Adsense from all my blog and checking into other monetizing programs. They all suck next to Adsense. I tried several and they couldn't even hold a candle to Adsense. The ads were not targeted to my content, for one thing, and the choices I had for styles of ad and placement was severely limited.

I am pretty upset with the way Google is handling the whole page rank issue, but I decided that paying the bills was important than my personal feelings, and that me losing income was not going to hurt them in the least, the only person it would have hurt was me. Meanwhile, I basically wasted a whole day that I could have been blogging doing all of this and now I am back this morning adding my Adsense code back. For small publishers like me it's really the only smart choice for blog monetization.

Dallas Cowboys out of the Playoffs

It's all said and done. After a wonderful season of wins and heading to their first play off game against the New York Giants with an impressive 10-3 record, the Dallas Cowboys lost yesterday, ending their road to the Super Bowl before it ever got started. I walked across the street to a little bar and watched the game with some friends. I hadn't been that excited about a football game in more years than I can remember. The game was close, and tough, with both teams fighting their hearts out, but in the end New York, well, let's just say they got lucky! Great season Dallas, and I look forward to an even better one next year.

Tom Cruise Vindicated

Marc Lewis Gittlleman, 34, the man who tried to blackmail Tom Cruise, using stolen photos from Tom and Katie's wedding as hostage, was found guilty of interstate transportation of stolen property and was sentenced to two years probation. He also was fined $3000.

Gittleman, a computer technician, told the court he was sorry. "I brought unimaginable shame upon myself and my family," Gittleman said. "I'll be working the rest of my life to make it right." The convicted man had no prior criminal record. He is now receiving counseling for depression. Gittleman wrote a letter of apology to Cruise's attorney.

Court documents show Gittleman obtained thousands of photos from a damaged hard drive that was brought to his workplace by a photographer. Once he obtained the photos he contacted David Hans Schmidt, 47, a peddler of nude photos and sex tapes of celebrities. Gittlleman e-mailed Tom Cruise demanding $1.3 million to keep the pictures private. Cruise's representatives called authorities and they set up a sting operation to catch Gittleman and Schmidt. Schmidt pleaded guilty to transmitting threatening communications with intent to extort.  Schmidt hanged himself in September.   NOTHING is ever THAT bad. Sad, sad, sad, all the way around.

How to Look Good Naked

I have never been so glad to see a show come along as I am the new hit on Lifetime called How to Look Good Naked. The host is Queer Eye for the Straight Guy Carson Kressley. He teaches women who are voluptuous how to love their bodies. The show is based on the British program of the same name. Taking one woman on a journey in each show from critical body hatred to acceptance of her personal beauty is the basis for the show and the timing couldn't have been better. Too many women buy into the marketing campaigns of major manufacturers and retailers, and health and beauty products manufacturers too, who try to sell us on the concept that if you aren't rail then you aren't beautiful. I say that's bullshit. The majority of women in the world are NOT skinny.  The show is very emotional as Carson shows the women how to really love their bodies, thus themselves.

Nicole Richie a Momma!

Nicole Richie and Joel Madden are the proud parents of a baby girl. This news comes from her representative in an interview with The baby's name is Harlow Winter Kate Madden. She was born Friday at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in L.A. and weighed 6 lbs., 7 oz. Congratulations, mom and dad. Now if you can just keep that precious baby out of the nasty Hollywood spotlight.

Sir Edmund Hillary Dies

Sir Edmund Hillary was the the first person to stand atop the world's highest mountain, Mount Everest. He is  remembered today as a deeply driven but unassuming man, one who strove to help the people of Nepal in the decades after his ascent of Mount Everest.Sir Edmund died of a heart attack at 88. His state funeral is being held in New Zealand, where he began the mountaineering career that took him and Sherpa Tenzing Norgay to the tallest point on earth. Hillary's life was one of grand achievements, high adventure, and discovery. But he was really proud of his decades-long campaign to set up schools and health clinics in Nepal, the homeland of Tenzing Norgay, the mountain guide with whom he stood arm in arm on the 29,035-foot summit of Everest on May 29, 1953.

Simon Cowell Dishes the Dirt

I am so excited to see another season of American Idol cranking up. The show premieres this coming Tuesday night. I found this great interview with Simon Cowell at the Comcast forums, where he gives his opinion on a myriad of different things, including the future of American Idol, Britney Spears' personal dilemma and the presidential race.  I love Simon and look forward to watching American Idol this season. How about you?

John Kerry Backing Obama

This is some of the greatest news I have heard yet! My man, Barak Obama, is officially now being backed by former presidential candidate and present senator John Kerry. Kerry endorsed Sen. Barack Obama for the White House Thursday, slapping Hillary Rodham Clinton down, as well as his own former vice presidential running mate, John Edwards.Kerry said, "Martin Luther King Jr. said the time is always right to do what is right. And I'm here in South Carolina because this is the right time to share with you, to make sure that we know that I have the confidence ... and that Barack Obama can be, will be and should be the next president of the United States."

Kerrys' timing couldn't be better, taking the wind out of the sails of Hillary, after she took New Hampshire. I seriously doubt this timing was an accident.
Kerry did say that there were other candidates in the race whom he also had worked with and respected. "But I believe more than anyone else, Barack Obama can help our country turn the page and get America moving by uniting and ending the division we have faced," he said.

He also criticized Obama naysayers who claim that the Illinois senator lacks the experience to be president. "We are electing judgment and character, not years on this earth," said Kerry, who added that Obama, an opponent of the Iraq war, was "right about the war in Iraq from the beginning."

The response by John Edwards to word of the endorsement was at least diplomatic, "Our country and our party are stronger because of John's service, and I respect his decision. When we were running against each other and on the same ticket, John and I agreed on many issues."

Kerry backing Obama is nothing new, however. Obama was his choice for the keynote address at the 2004 Democratic National Convention in Boston. Obama's performance in the national spotlight helped bring him to the attention of the public and I can see why. Barak Obama has what it takes to be president of the United States.

Posh Spice #1 on Worst Dressed List

I am being catty, but I have to say I agree with Mr. Blackwell when he chose Victoria Beckham, formerly known as Posh of the Spice Girls, to top his list of Hollywood's worst dressed list. Just look at her! She looks like a hooker! And what a shame, because every time I see her in the news she's going shopping.

Neti Pot Cures Sinus Troubles

If you are among the millions of people who have sinus troubles, a lot of which I believe are caused by our nasty environment, here is some wonderful news. The neti pot, first introduced to my consciousness by Dr. Oz on Oprah, but which has been used for centuries, will clear up your sinuses. For real.

Read this article and find out for yourself.

Mike Huckabee on David Letterman

I am hoping that David Letterman invited Mike Huckabee to be a guest on his show as a joke. Or either it must be really, really hard to find interesting guest these days. Maybe because of the writer's strike?  Does David feel desperate for joke material? To me that's the only reason he would invite this right wing idiot to be on his show.

Anyway, check out the story here about how the show went from the Political Radar blog.

Another Mary Kay Laterno?

I found this story about Beth Ann Chester, a high school teacher who had sex with a fourteen year old student, at The Weekly Vice. (I really like this blog, by the way, some fascinating, though often disturbing, posts) The Vice has reactions to each of the posts they make and I agree with their take on this story. Even though Beth Ann Chester was in the wrong, sounds like she was railroaded.

There are so many similarities, in my opinion, anyway, to what Mary Kay Laterno went through. And speaking of, I wonder what Mary Kay is up to these days and if her and her boyfriend are still together. I guess it's time for me to do some research and see if I can find out. I'll let you know.

Author Sues Jerry Seinfield over Cookbook

An author claiming that Jerry Seinfeld's wife plagiarized her cookbook is suing the famous couple. The lawsuit was brought Monday in U.S. District Court in Manhattan by Missy Chase Lapine, the author of "The Sneaky Chef: Simple Strategies for Hiding Healthy Foods in Kids' Favorite Meals."

"Jerry Seinfeld is an enormously wealthy and well-known comedian, and Jessica Seinfeld is his wife, but that does not give them license to slander and plagiarize," the lawsuit said. The Seinfelds' lawyer, Richard Menaker, disputed Lapine's claims of defamation and plagiarism and suggested Lapine was seeking publicity to boost her book's sales. "Both are without merit," Menaker said. "There's no truth in fact or law to this claim of plagiarism. The idea for Jessica Seinfeld's book came from her own experiences with her family out of her own kitchen."

"Jerry Seinfeld is entitled to his opinions," Menaker said. "Even though Jerry Seinfeld is a public figure, he doesn't lose his right to free speech because of that." The lawsuit said the Seinfelds were warned even before the book was published that it had blatant similarities to Lapine's book.

But when Jerry Seinfeld appeared on David Letterman" Late Show in October, he said that Lapine was a crackpot and declared his wife not guilty of "vegetable plagiarism," the lawsuit said. The lawsuit also quoted him telling Letterman: "Now you know, having a career in show business, one of the fun facts of celebrity life is wackos will wait in the woodwork to pop out at certain moments of your life to inject a little adrenaline into your life experience."

It said Seinfeld also noted that Lapine has three names and that "if you read history, many of the three-name people do become assassins." Then Seinfeld added, "Mark David Chapman. And you know, James Earl Ray. So that's my concern," the lawsuit recalled. That's pretty low, Jerry.

Edward's Supporters Won't Shake Hands with Hillary

From ABC News' Eloise Harper I read that the Democratic primary in New Hampshire has become really ugly when Senator Hillary Clinton tried to greet supporters of former Sen. John Edwards, D-N.C., this morning in Nashua, New Hampshire who were screaming, "Status quo has got to go! Status quo has got to go!"

Clinton stuck her arm out to shake their hands and the Edwards' supporters refused to shake the former first lady's hand. So Clinton patted one of the supporters on the shoulder and moved on.

Edwards described Clinton as representing the "status quo" during the ABC News debate in New Hampshire Saturday, arguing there should be an unfiltered debate between himself and Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill.,  -- two agents of change, he said.

Britney Possibly Bi-Polar

I feel bad for saying anything negative about Britney Spears after reading this post at E! Online. They say that Britney is being considered as a possible bi-polar, which I am pretty sure I am too. If this is true, I feel for Britney. There is nothing lower than the lows and nothing higher than the highs, and the medication you have to take makes you feel even nuttier.I wish you well Britney, and promise to play nice from now on. I hope you can overcome this terrible disease. It's a bitch.

Getting Into the Groove

Are you having a hard time getting back into the groove after the holiday season? I find myself taking deep breaths, breaths of relief that it is all over and a new year is finally here. But what I am having a problem with is continuing to let some things that happened last year leave my consciousness. I am TRYING to let go, but my stubborn heart and head want to keep hanging on.

I guess it is just a matter of making up my mind to bury the past, to lock it away in a room of it's own and try to find good things in the everyday of the present. Easier said than done, but beginning is good.

Clinton and Obama Get Down and Dirty

Now the gloves have come off and it's about time. The presidential race, after these last eight years of lies and bullshit, SHOULD be honest and heated, and Hillary Clinton and Barak Obama do not disappoint. Sunday they came at each  other's claim to be the true candidate of change as the New Hampshire primaries winded down. Hillary Clinton told voters they should elect "a doer, not a talker." Barack Obama countered that his rivals are stuck in the politics of the past.

This was in a high school gymnasium in Nashua, New Hampshire. Clinton skewered Obama for several votes he has cast in the Senate, such as his vote in favor of the Patriot Act and for energy legislation she described as "Dick Cheney's energy bill." She never mentioned Obama's name but left no doubt about whom she was discussing.

"You campaign in poetry, you govern in prose," Clinton said.

Obama, speaking at a packed Manchester theater, took issue with Clinton's criticism of him during Saturday's Democratic presidential debate."One of my opponents said we can't just, you know, offer the American people false hopes about what we can get done," he said. "The real gamble in this election is to do the same things, with the same folks, playing the same games over and over and over again and somehow expect a different result," he said. "That is a gamble we cannot afford, that is a risk we cannot take. Not this time. Not now. It is time to turn the page."

I whole heartedly agree!

Dr. Phil's Sticks his Nose In Britney's Business

I love this story from The Superficial about how Dr. Phil had the nerve to just show up at Cedar Sinai Hospital and enter Britney Spears' room as she was being released, trying to force his counseling serves on her. Check out the whole thing, you'll get a kick out of it. I stopped liking Dr. Phil a while back. His head's gotten too big for my taste. Now he just seems like a quack.

Girl Lies to Get Hanna Montana Tickets

Bad mom! This story from Yahoo Entertainment news says that a Garland woman apologized for her six year old daughter and herself because she helped her daughter write an essay saying that her father had died in Iraq so that she could win tickets to the Hanna Montana concert!

Priscilla Ceballos said she hadn't intended to mislead the contest sponsor but got caught up in helping her daughter "realize her dream of seeing Hannah Montana." "Instead I brought so much negative attention to my family," Ceballos said, reading a statement on NBC's "Today" show. "Please accept my heartfelt apology and please do not punish my child for my mistake." Jeez. Way to go mom, setting a great example.

Britney Finally Cracks

Who hasn't seen this coming?

The intoxicated Britney Spears was taken away in an ambulance after police were called to her house to help end a nearly three-hour custody standoff involving her young sons. Britney was taken to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Entertainment Tonight reported on its Web site. Cedars spokeswoman Simi Singer said she could neither confirm nor deny the report, citing patient confidentiality laws. An officer of the Los Angeles Police Department said that Spears appeared to be under the influence of an unknown substance. He declined to elaborate. No injuries were reported. She was conscious late Thursday when paramedics took her out of her home in a gurney. Several police cars escorted the ambulance out of the neighborhood, followed by dozens of paparazzi.

Officers were called to Spears' house around 8 p.m. to respond to the custody dispute with ex-husband Kevin Federline over their sons, 2-year-old Sean Preston and 1-year-old Jayden James, Lee said. By about 10:30 p.m., six police cars, two ambulances and a fire truck had entered the gated-community that includes Spears' house. Several police cars were seen in the area earlier in the night. Spears turned over the children around 10:50 p.m., Lee said.

Britney called in sick for a Dec. 12 court-ordered deposition, but was photographed that day driving with a friend. She also didn't show up for a session Wednesday, Kaplan said. Her attorney files a court motion asking to be relieved due to a breakdown in communication with his client.  What next, Britney? You must know that you are not above the law, no matter WHO you are.

Innocent Man Released After 26 Years in Prison

A Dallas, Texas man who has said throughout his 26 years in prison that he never raped a woman who lived five houses down from him was freed Thursday.

Charles Chatman, 47, was released on his recognizance. He was freed on the basis of new DNA testing that lawyers say proves his innocence and adds to Dallas County's nationally unmatched number of wrongfully convicted inmates.

"I'm bitter. I'm angry," Chatman told The Associated Press during his last night in jail Wednesday. "But I'm not angry or bitter to the point where I want to hurt anyone or get revenge."

He became the 15th inmate from Dallas County since 2001 to be freed by DNA testing.

Mischa Barton a No-Show in Vegas

Mischa Barton was supposed to host the opening of the new CatHouse in the Strip's Luxor Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas but she canceled after her arrest for DUI and drug possession the day before.Even though the official statement from the club was that THEY canceled, a representative for the club says that the former O.C. star is expected to make it up to them.  “Mischa did not show up last night as expected,” the rep said. "She still has to honor her contract, and what happens next remains to be seen. I’ll keep you posted."

Midwest Pummeled By Snow

A Midwestern storm came in on New Year's Day, dropping 16 inches of snow on the area, causing major traffic problems on highways and runways and extended the winter vacation at dozens of schools.The storm is now moving into New England while new snow was falling early Wednesday across much of Michigan and Ohio. Thousands of people have lost power.

"This will be a memorable storm for the amount of snow it dumped in such a short amount of time," Weather Service meteorologist David Shuler said. During the heart of the storm, snow fell at a rate of at least 2 inches an hour, with periods of 4 inches an hour. Chicago's O'Hare International Airport canceled about 150 flights Tuesday and reported delays of about 45 minutes because of blowing snow.

Happy New Year!

Here is wishing all of my readers a great 2008! This is going to be an exciting year, what with the presidential election and all. What are your plans and goals for 2008? I plan to keep on blogging and maybe even write an e-book. Also, since there is an Office Depot opening in the shopping center across the street from me I can now get my stamps and envelopes so that I can start sending out my YA novel to publishers again.

Stop by and tell me what your dreams and plans for 2008 are.