American Idol Fun

I really enjoyed last night's American Idol. There were two big and beautiful black women who made an even bigger impression on the judges. They both said they loved Ryan Seacrest but one of them especially loved Randy Jackson and the other Simon Cowell. Both girls made the cut. They really did have nice voices.

And what about the girl that Simon called "precocious?" She didn't know what the word meant, but Simon was certainly right, she had precocious down. She didn't make it to Hollywood, but the show did have a clip of her precocious self back when she was twelve singing in a kid's competition. She was pretty good, but, yeah, precocious was the word for her even back then. Somebody really loved that child, it was evident. I guess that's a good thing, but she was really over the top with her self love on the show last night.

Paula discovered a guy she really liked, even getting up to hug him, a heart throb from Venezuela. If it hadn't been for Paula he wouldn't have made the cut. She told him he needed to lose the accent. I don't think he will go very far on American Idol, since he sounds like a Latin singer, and it is, well, AMERICAN Idol. There was one guy I felt really sorry for. He sang through his nose and Randy told him so, even imitating the poor dude.All in all, some pretty good talent. I am looking forward to seeing who ends up in the final 24.