Clinton and Obama Get Personal

Hillary Clinton has accused Barack Obama of "looking for a fight" in their debate last night. She said he acted out of frustration over primary campaign losses in New Hampshire and Nevada.But Obama says that the Clintons have been distorting his record. "When it comes to Senator Clinton's remarks, I think it's very clear that Senator Clinton has and President Clinton have been spending the last month attacking me in ways that are not accurate," Obama told reporters in a conference call.

Speaking to reporters in Washington, Clinton belittled Obama's various criticisms at the debate as "rehearsed points."

"I think what we saw last night was that he's very frustrated," she said. "I believe that the events of the last 10 or so days, the outcome of New Hampshire and Nevada, have apparently convinced him to adopt a different strategy. He clearly came — he telegraphed it, he talked about it — he clearly came last night looking for a fight. He was determined and launched right in."

The two argued bitterly and personally at Monday night's debate in Myrtle Beach, S.C., over issues such as the Iraq war and Bill Clinton's role in the campaign. The two also traded accusations over Hillary Clinton's work as a lawyer for anti-union Wal-Mart and Obama's relationship with a political patron facing fraud charges.

Tell em' Obama! She's a crook and her husband is a liar. Do we really want that for four more years?