Cops Back at Britney's House

Here we go again. But this time when the cops came to Britney's house it was a simple case of illegal parking. Abnan Ghalib, her boyfriend, drove up to the outskirts of Britney's Beverly Hills home, reportedly at her request, but was denied entry when the gate guards dialed Britney to get her permission and the police were called.

A spokesman for the LAPD said that police responded to the call thinking that people had followed Spears home, but it turned out that it was the regular hangers on outside the area. It's unclear whether Spears issued instructions to keep Ghalib away or if her steady companion, Sam Lutfi, who earlier Thursday told the ladies of The View that the singer was getting psychiatric treatment, was the one who gave the order. Ghalib told TMZ that Spears called him following a major verbal dustup between her and Lutfi that occurred as they were driving toward her home. "Baby, can you come pick me up?" he says Spears asked him.