Hate Group to Demonstrate at Heath Ledger's Funeral

This story disturbs me on so many levels. In fact, it is weird and ugly enough that I couldn't even figure out what category to put this post under! A Baptist church in Topeka, Kansas has said that they will demonstrate at Heath Ledger's funeral because he is going to hell for playing a gay person in the movie BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN. This group is known for demonstrating at the funerals of soldiers who are killed in Iraq and they also have a website called GodHatesFags.Com and GodHatesAmerica.Com. The only positive thing in the article above that I noted was that this church is considered a hate group and is monitored by the Anti-Defamation League.

But what really bugs me is that this is a fine example of why so many people have stopped believing in religion. How in God's name can you, in good conscious, hang out with people who believe that they are more righteous than others? Jesus taught us to love one another and not to judge, but somewhere along the way this message has gotten lost.  All I can say is that these folks will someday receive their just reward.