Major League Pitcher Joe Kennedy's Death Heart Disease

I reported a few months ago that 28 year old Joe Kennedy, who collapsed and died at his in-laws house, was having an autopsy performed on his body to figure out what killed him. I have been SO curious to know what it was, hoping that it wasn't drug use or anything else self inflicted. He sounded like such a nice, family man, and I am glad to find out today that his death actually was from natural causes. Joe died of heart disease, having a rare form that had gone undetected during testing.

Kennedy was a journeyman left-hander who played seven years in the majors and played for three teams during the 2007 season. He had a 43-61 career record with 4.79 ERA in 222 appearances.

He appeared in 27 games with the Oakland Athletics before being released and pitching briefly for the Arizona Diamondbacks. He ended the season with the Toronto Blue Jays, who said they intended to bring him back next season.

Here is the full story from Comcast News. May you rest in peace, Joe.