An Exciting Time in History

I have become to believe that one of these people will be the next president of the United States. And it is really beginning to dawn on me that if that is so, we are living in one of the most exciting times in history, where either a black Muslim (edit:: after some comments were posted in reaction to my saying Mr. Obama was a Muslim, I have found that this is untrue, here is the link to the truth. Forgive me, Mr. Obama.)
or a woman, for the first time ever, will be our president.

Savor this time in history. Be grateful to be a part of it. There is so much in life that is negative, it is wonderful to find something exciting and good happening. If either one, Obama or Hillary win, that means we have bridged a gap that has taken over 200 years to close. God bless America.

Jennifer Lopez Mom of Twins

Photo of JLO with twins
Jennifer Lopez and husband Marc Anthony are the proud new parents of twins, a boy and a girl, Lopez’s manager told People magazine. According to hospital reports, “The babies were born early Friday in Long Island, N.Y. The girl was born at 12:12 a.m. and weighed 5 lbs. 7 oz., and the boy followed at 12:23 a.m., weighing 6 lbs.”

John McCain's Affair?

It has been uncovered that John McCain has possibly had an affair with a lobbyist. Why anyone would be interested in him on a romantic level is beyond me, but hey, I guess that's just me.

Ms. Iseman and McCain are supposed to be just friends and nothing more. But in 1999 she began showing up so frequently in his offices and at campaign events that staff members took notice. One recalled asking, "Why is she always around?"

That February, Mr. McCain and Ms. Iseman attended a small fund-raising dinner with several clients at the Miami-area home of a cruise-line executive and then flew back to Washington along with a campaign aide on the corporate jet of one of her clients, Paxson Communications. By then, according to two former McCain associates, some of the senator's advisers had grown so concerned that the relationship had become romantic that they took steps to intervene.

Toe Licking Robbing Gets Probation

This is a hoot! A man who robbed a woman of her keys and cell phone, then licked her toes, was sentenced Wednesday to five years' probation. Twenty six year old Carlton Jermaine Davis, will face 21 months in prison if he fails to complete probation for the robbery charge in Ramsey County District Court.According to the complaint filed by the woman, Davis approached her around 1 a.m. on Sept. 9 as she was leaving work and forced her to put her phone and purse inside a bag. Then he told her, "Now I'm going to suck your feet."

Police arrested Davis a few minutes later about four blocks away.

Ugh. But I had to laugh. I was feeling very serious and this story reminded me that we just can't take life that seriously, it's too absurd.

Eva Mendez in Rehab

I hate to hear that Eva Mendez has joined the ranks of yet another Hollywood star who has gone into rehab. From what I have read across the Internet, the buxom bombshell has already left the Salt Lake City, Utah rehab where she supposedly went to take care of some personal issues.  Man, if that's all it is, I wish I had a rehab to escape to. And I DO hope for her sake that it really is just about personal issues.

Heath Ledger's Death Due to Combining Prescription Drugs

As I am sure we all have, I have been waiting steadily for the cause of the death of Heath Ledger. Now I find this article that says his death was due to combining several different prescription drugs, Xanax and Valium being among those drugs found in his system at autopsy. The article is talking about the problem with prescription drug addiction and abuse and how people can get different prescriptions from different doctors, causing abuse.

I am so sorry to hear that this is how Heath Ledger died. Sad, sad.

John McCain Appearing a True Threat

The polls don't lie. John McCain looks as if he is going to take the GOP candidate slot for the race for president.After a whirlwind of voting Tuesday that delivered an insurmountable lead for McCain over Mitt Romney, McCain still faces the task of winning over the conservatives who are hostile toward the Arizona senator. McCain took the first steps into trying to rectify that situation Tuesday night when he declared victory in a carefully written, why-I-am-a-Republican speech. McCain said he hopes to draw Republicans together in the manner of Ronald Reagan, patron saint of the modern-day GOP.

Ellen Drinking on TV

Photo of Ellan Degenres
I swear, Ellen DeGeneres is going to go down in history as one of the funniest comedians ever, right there along with Milton Burle and Johnny Carson. Today on her show she had a lady preparing dishes for Super Bowl parties and the ones that required alcohol, Ellen made sure to drink some of each before she added it to the recipe. I was laughing so hard. Her comedic timing is perfect.

I SO love Ellen, but it did cross my mind that she would be getting letters from the holier than thou jumping her butt for drinking on TV. To heck with them. Do you remember Dean Martin? I doubted back then anyone cared that he had a drink and a cigarette in his hands while he entertained us. It never crossed my mind as a kid to go out and drink or start smoking because Dean Martin did it. Aaaanyway....

Celebrity Apprentice

Last night's Celebrity Apprentice was a hoot and the first win for the women's team. But what made it all so very interesting was when the men's team sent Vinnie Pastore of The Sopranos fame over to the women's side to act as a spy. Little did Pierce, the team leader of the men, know that Vinnie would become a double agent, revealing to the women the plans of the men's team just as he had revealed earlier to the men's team what the women's game plan was.

It made for some very good television, especially when Vinnie got so tore up in the board room that he began threatening Pierce, the British brain, with bodily harm and then quit, telling The Donald that the show was not worth having a heart attack over.