Ellen Drinking on TV

Photo of Ellan Degenres
I swear, Ellen DeGeneres is going to go down in history as one of the funniest comedians ever, right there along with Milton Burle and Johnny Carson. Today on her show she had a lady preparing dishes for Super Bowl parties and the ones that required alcohol, Ellen made sure to drink some of each before she added it to the recipe. I was laughing so hard. Her comedic timing is perfect.

I SO love Ellen, but it did cross my mind that she would be getting letters from the holier than thou jumping her butt for drinking on TV. To heck with them. Do you remember Dean Martin? I doubted back then anyone cared that he had a drink and a cigarette in his hands while he entertained us. It never crossed my mind as a kid to go out and drink or start smoking because Dean Martin did it. Aaaanyway....