About Blog Reviews

I decided today to start doing blog review for free on this blog. I have been blogging professionally for about three years, so I feel I have the expertise to do blog reviews. I will talk about the layout, the sidebars, and the content, the whole kit and kaboodle when I review your blog.

But be forewarned, I am going to brutally honest, though I will also offer constructive criticism. So think long and hard before you ask for a review. If you are easily offended or don't take criticism well, I suggest you refrain from asking for a review. Just remember, it's all about having the best blog you can.

I posted in the Blog Catalog community this morning that I would do free reviews and within a few hours had one email and ten comments. Good deal! That will keep me busy for several weeks. I will be reviewing one BLOG a day. Notice that I didn't say WEBSITE, though the email I got WAS from a website, a train wreck of a supposedly comic website with a SO not funny cartoon. I will not post the link here since it is NOT a blog. Sorry, Charlie.

Later this evening I will post a review of the first blog. Stay tuned! This is going to be a wild ride!