Last Night's Political Late Night Humor

Some things never change. In a strange sort of way, that's comforting. Even if it comes in the form of ribald humor at the expense of politicians. That tradition has been unique to America for as long as I can remember.

Last night's late show monologues were no exception. Check out some of the best:

"Hey, have you hear this story that Barack Obama and Scarlett Johansson are apparently e-mail buddies? Scarlett Johansson is quoted as saying, 'My heart belongs to Barack Obama.' How about that, huh? Barack's not even president yet, still doing waaay better than Bill Clinton ever did." --Jay Leno

"Barack Obama surprised a bunch of students in Chicago yesterday when he showed up unannounced at an eighth grade graduation. Gave a speech at the eighth grade graduation, pretty cool. Now, don't confuse that with President Bush's appearance last year at an eighth grade graduation. He was just there getting a diploma." --Jay Leno

"President Bush is now in Europe. Again, you know, we like President Bush. I just don't think he has a real grasp of history. Did you see him in Berlin yesterday? He said, 'Am I crazy, or did there used to be a wall?'" --Jay Leno

"The Fox News Channel did a weird thing last night. There was a rumor going around that Michelle Obama used the word 'whitey' in front of a group of black church-goers, and it turned out not to be true. And of course, Obama supporters were upset about it, but when they did the story, look at the caption Fox used at the bottom of the screen here [on screen: Fox calls Michelle Obama Obama's 'baby mama']. Obama's baby mama. Now, I'm pretty sure that Michelle Obama is Barack's wife, not his baby mama. You have to wonder if they'd use that terminology if she was white. But Fox is fair and balanced. We know because they say it all the time [on screen: fake video of Fox 'calling' Cindy McCain 'Mac Daddy's Skeezy-Ass Trick']. A similar thing with John McCain's wife, Cindy" --Jimmy Kimmel