Review of "Lord I Want to Be Whole"

When I saw the name of this blog I thought to myself, "Oh, man, not another holy roller!" But I was pleasantly surprised by the rich content of this personal blog, "Lord I Want to Be Whole." I found myself continuing to read post after post. There is a lot of inspiration there from someone who has overcome much in life, depression being one of them. I could really relate, and left feeling motivated and peaceful.

The great thing about this blog is that, though there is talk about God, it is not crammed down your throat and you can envision whatever idea of God that you chose and still take a lot away from it.

The only thing I can find wrong is that the Amazon widget is slowing down the loading time. Otherwise, nice blog.

About Blog Reviews

I decided today to start doing blog review for free on this blog. I have been blogging professionally for about three years, so I feel I have the expertise to do blog reviews. I will talk about the layout, the sidebars, and the content, the whole kit and kaboodle when I review your blog.

But be forewarned, I am going to brutally honest, though I will also offer constructive criticism. So think long and hard before you ask for a review. If you are easily offended or don't take criticism well, I suggest you refrain from asking for a review. Just remember, it's all about having the best blog you can.

I posted in the Blog Catalog community this morning that I would do free reviews and within a few hours had one email and ten comments. Good deal! That will keep me busy for several weeks. I will be reviewing one BLOG a day. Notice that I didn't say WEBSITE, though the email I got WAS from a website, a train wreck of a supposedly comic website with a SO not funny cartoon. I will not post the link here since it is NOT a blog. Sorry, Charlie.

Later this evening I will post a review of the first blog. Stay tuned! This is going to be a wild ride!