Aiming for perfection is counterproductive

I often refer to post that Maki at Dosh Dosh makes and that is because he is one of my favorite bloggers. With this post, Why You Shouldn’t Be a Perfectionist he has very possibly moved up to the top of my favorite bloggers list! Why? Because he must have read my mind. So many times I have thought about starting an online business, but due to my perfectionist tendencies I stop before I ever get started, worrying that I won’t be a big success.

Maki addresses this issue, and even goes as far as to describe a desperate need for perfection accompanied by anxiety and obsession, “pathological.” That’s pretty damn scary. But there are so many people who chimed in and commented, that I felt better, knowing I’m not the only pathologically obsessive perfectionist out there!

This article helped me so much that I actually joined Lynn Terry’s Self Starter’s Weekly Forum and ordered her e-book about getting started with online marketing. I have some ideas now and I am going to run with them, to hell with perfection, there is no such thing. I will make mistakes, that is part of life and part of the learning experience.