Are mystery shoppers effective or not?

Ever since I first heard of the concept of mystery shoppers I have thought it was one of the most ingenious ways to find out what your customers are REALLY thinking, and also, to learn how your employees REALLY treat customers. If you agree that mystery shopping solutions< is one of the coolest ways to cover both aspects of your business, or even if you don’t, you may find that your mind is changed after visiting BestMark.

As a business owner, I just can’t see where you could go wrong using the services offered by BestMark. Through the use of its unique mystery shopping and customer survey programs, BestMark will help you not only to gather incident-specific performance at the moment of truth when a customer comes in contact with your organization, but also to track and trend attributes and behaviors that can impact long-term guest value, satisfaction and advocacy. What better way to learn the REAL deal?