Associated Content was a disaster for me

For those of you who keep up with me on a regular basis, you know that I posted this article a week or so ago about how I was going to start writing for AC again, and you also know that I started a blog called Writing Success at Associated Content at the same time. I was all fired up after seeing that I had received performance bonus payments in my Paypal account from AC, even though I hadn’t written anything for them for many months. The payments were only change, but still, I thought I could make a little extra money writing articles while I was waiting for new opportunities to drop at PayPerPost AND make money through the AC Performance Bonus for page views.

Well, that enthusiasm has been extremely dampened after I submitted five articles, (all previously published on my blogs, in AC’s defense, but before the Performance Bonus was implemented I submitted previously published or non-exclusive content to AC and still received between $6-$9 an article.) This time I was rejected for upfront payment on all but one article, which only paid $4.00.

I blogged about this on my AC blog and said that unless I made good money from page views through the performance bonus I would not be writing for AC any longer. Then this morning I found a comment from the founder of Associated Content in reply to my post, asking me not to quit, and telling me to market my page. My reply to him was that I felt the balance wasn’t fair, I was writing the articles, I was getting paid next to nothing or not at all and I was expected to do the marketing, and asked him what HE was doing?

I would REALLY like to hear from ALL writers on this subject of Associated Content. You can choose to comment anonymously if you write for them and don’t want your identity known. I am wondering if I am being unfair or if you agree with my take on this.